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Returning to Weight Training After a Sports Hernia


On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show, we talk about getting back to weight training and sports activities after both sports hernias and inguinal hernias. To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to .

#AskMikeReinold Episode 212: Returning to Weight Training After a Sports Hernia

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Mike Reinold: On this episode of the Ask Mike Reinold show, we talk about returning to weight training after sport and inguinal hernias.

Mike Reinold: So, all right, let’s get into it. We got a nice question today from Russell from Virginia. Russell says, “Hey, Mike and team. Big fan of the show. I’ve been diagnosed with a bilateral hernia, no imaging done, just manual testing by a general surgeon and urologist. The surgeon says back squatting under heavy load or other heavy core or ab strain can cause further tearing if not fixed surgically, and could also reoccur after surgery. My preferred style of training is power lifting and I’d be somewhat bummed if it’s a risk to me to go back to lifting heavy afterward. What are your thoughts on power lifting or high intensity core exercises with a hernia, or after a mesh repair? Have you worked with patients or clients with the same issue?”

Mike Reinold: So I’ll start off a little bit with this answer by saying, Russell asked here via a hernia and we weren’t a hundred percent sure if he was referring to an inguinal or a sport hernia. So why don’t we tackle that first? Anybody want to define the difference quickly before we get into maybe what it means to get back to lifting?

Dan Pope: You want me to take the inguinal part?

Mike Reinold: I feel like you’re going to answer this whole thing, Dan, but why don’t you tell us a little bit about what the difference between an inguinal and a sport hernia is?

Dan Pope: Yeah. So inguinal hernia, you can also have an umbilical hernia. There’s a femoral hernia too. And I think the easiest way to describe that is when your insides are trying to get onto the outside, right, and there’s some sort of tear in some of the musculature and the abdominal wall, and then you have your intestines are poking out. Yeah. So that’s the short of that. Did you want to answer the sports hernia part?

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