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PNBA Michael Boyle On Alcohol & Fitness: Honest Drinking Tips For A Bodybuilding Diet


PNBA athlete Michael Boyle shared what you can drink and what alcoholic beverages to avoid when dieting. 

Drinking alcohol and reaching your fitness goals seem to contradict each other. But with the right strategies, you can enjoy a few drinks and build the physique of an elite natural athlete. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Michael Boyle gave some tips on how you can drink while dieting. 

Michael Boyle placed well at 2021 Natural Olympia in the Men’s Bodybuilding Masters category, earning third place. He’s also a 2x UK natural bodybuilding champion. He said:

“When dieting especially down the way, it is important to consider that alcohol contains calories, and sadly not a little amount. 

My lifestyle clients, don’t stop drinking completely but majority like to opt out or decrease the amount to “occasionally” than every week.

To compare I put together few of the drinks I enjoy—swipe right. Especially Espresso Martini, even in such a little drink there is a meal size amount of calories. 

When dieting and drinking, you better off with spirits + Diet Pepsi, and watching the amount than going for a beer or coctails [sic] which are most calorific! [sic]”

You can see his full Instagram post regarding drinking while dieting below. 

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Ultimately, if you’re trying to lose weight and body fat, it comes down to calories in vs. calories out. As long as you’re in a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight, no matter what you eat–or drink! You can still sip on a martini as the pounds shed away. The caveat is that it’s essential not to go overboard on calories. That’s because alcohol has calories. Although, compared to fat, alcohol contains fewer calories per gram (fat has 9 calories per gram, and alcohol has 7 calories per gram). However, alcohol has more calories per gram than protein and carbs (4 calories per gram). 

That said, sticking with low-calorie beverages is the best approach to take to drink and shred fat. However, if you consume too many calories (sugary margaritas), the calories will add up, leading to weight gain. For example, as Boyle indicated on his Instagram, 500ml of Budweiser beer has 200 kcal, but 25ml of whisky only has 59kcal. 

Ronnie Coleman’s Bodybuilding Drinking Story

Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia champ and regarded as one of the greatest International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Bodybuilders of all time, shared a drink with another all-time great, Kevin Levrone, at the 1997 Grand Prix Russia bodybuilding competition. After Coleman had a few glasses of vodka the night before, he appeared on stage with more vascularity. That’s because alcohol dehydrates you, so Coleman’s muscles popped more. 

You can still drink and reach any fitness goal, but the drinks you consume (and the amount) are essential. So stick to low calories drinks and moderation. And you’ll be well on your way to building an elite bodybuilder’s physique while enjoying a drink like James Bond. 

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