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Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout is good for Muscle Gain?

The design of Transparent Labs BULK comes with many branched-chain amino acids and other compounds to keep your workout running smoothly. Best of all, there’s no confusion as to what’s in the product.

Transparent Labs gets its name from how the company focuses on producing nutritional and workout supplements that list everything the product has to offer. You won’t have to worry about any proprietary blends with a Transparent product. Any brand-name ingredients are also described in full as well. The Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout supplement is one such product worth noting. This choice includes several critical ingredients that are necessary for your workout needs.

Key Features

You will find that Transparent Labs BULK includes several healthy ingredients that will provide you with the pumps you deserve:

Three Key BCAAs

Three branched-chain amino acids are included at a 2:1:1 ratio in BULK. 2g leucine is provided for preserving lean muscle mass. 1g isoleucine encourages muscle growth and prevents catabolism, a process where complex muscle fibers are broken down to form smaller and less powerful ones. 1g valine reduces the buildup of tryptophan in the brain, thus providing a higher energy level and more focus for your workout.

A Deeper Look

Transparent Labs BULK includes not only taurine for energy needs but also 180mg caffeine anhydrous to help you stay ready for anything that can happen in your workout. 70mg of mucuna prurens is added to provide a psychological benefit. This ingredient is a natural precursor to dopamine, thus keeping your nervous system relaxed while allowing for more control over your mental processes during a workout.

Absorbing Well

5mg of BioPerine is included in each serving of BULK. This is an extract that comes from the black pepper fruit. This ingredient helps you with absorbing the other ingredients in the supplement, thus making the product more effective all around.

What Else Works?

The ingredients found in Transparent Labs BULK are easy for the body to process. You will find silicon dioxide and calcium silicate as anti-caking agents, although those are not going to harm the body. About 600mg of stevia can be found in each serving as a natural sweetener. 3000 IU of vitamin D3 works in each serving. The vitamin enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients. A healthy and well-balanced diet is strongly recommended when using this supplement. Also, 30mg of zinc is added in each serving. Zinc will increase testosterone levels over time, thus building upon your body’s ability to naturally produce healthy muscles and stay active in a workout.

How To Use

Start using BULK by taking half a scoop of BULK and mixing it with about 8 to 10 ounces of cold water. Consume about 20 to 30 minutes before a workout. Over time, you can move on to a full scoop of BULK with each serving. Avoid consuming more than two scoops in a day, or else you may take in more caffeine than what you can handle.

Taste Factor

You can choose from one of five flavors when ordering Transparent Labs BULK. Sour Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, and Green Apple are among those flavors. These are all very easy for the body to take in and do not feel far too sweet.

Cost Point

You can find a 30-serving container of Transparent Labs BULK for about $49. This might be a little too high in value for some as it costs around $1.60 per serving. The total is a concerning point, as other supplements are going for a dollar per serving in some instances.

How Does It Compare?

You can also compare Transparent Labs BULK with many other supplements. These include choices like MuscleTech NeuroCore Pre-Workout. This choice includes added creatine and beta-alanine with an emphasis on building larger and fuller muscles. The product also offers adaptogenic benefits to assist in handling your workout with less stress involved. You can also consider using Cellucor C4 Original as a pre-workout supplement. This option works without any calories, sugars, or carbs and only 150mg caffeine. Arginine is added for better pumps while creatine nitrate adds to the body’s overall performance. A third choice to see is Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Powder. This is a supplement that offers carnitine and taurine like many other products, but this one is different for how it includes Yohimbe, a compound that improves upon the heart rate and helps get blood to move faster along the body.

Pros and Cons



My Final Thoughts

Transparent Labs BULK will provide you with the support you need for growing muscles the right way. BULK is designed to help you get better muscles through BCAAs and many other suitable ingredients. This all comes from a company that focuses on producing products where you know what you’re getting out of them.

You will appreciate how well you can build muscle mass when you use this convenient pre-workout product for helping you to get started in your workout.

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