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The bodybuilding legend dies from brain Aneurysm

Ed Corney was born on November 9, 1933, in Hawaii and died on January 1, 2019, from a brain aneurysm.

He was a bodybuilder known for his amazing posing, and he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Pumping Iron,” (You might remember the scene where he and Schwarzenegger repped out squats in agonizing fashion before Corney fell to the ground after his set).

Corney had an incredible physique but what’s even more important is he had an incredible reputation with his fans.

Recently his oldest grandson (one of three grandchildren) reached out to Nick’s Strength and Power (YouTube channel) with details about Corney’s death and life. Corney suffered from a brain aneurysm on late Christmas evening and held on for an entire week before passing away on the first day of the New Year (2019). He was 85 years old at the time of his death and his family and friends are mourning their unfortunate loss.

Ed Corney loved Corvettes and was shopping for one just a week prior to his passing. He was looked up to as a father in the bodybuilding industry and always made sure to provide for his family.

Corney started out his career at age 33 where he won his first competition (Mr. Fremont, CA in 1967) and from this point on he went on to win Mr. Heart of California, Mr. Northern California and Mr. Golden West in 1968.

He competed in numerous shows and won some pretty prestigious contests and is a very accomplished legend in the sport of bodybuilding.

Our deepest and most sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of an amazing person and bodybuilder, Ed Corney.

Here is his competitive history:

Mr. America – AAU, 11th
Mr. California – AAU, Most Muscular, 2nd
Mr. California – AAU, Did not place
Iron Man, Winner

Mr. America – AAU, 4th
Mr. America – IFBB, Short, 1st
Mr. California – AAU, Most Muscular, 1st
Mr. California – AAU, Winner
Mr. USA – IFBB, Short, 1st
Mr. USA – IFBB, Overall Winner
Universe – IFBB, Medium, 3rd

Mr. America – IFBB, Short, 1st
Mr. America – IFBB, Overall Winner
Mr. International – IFBB, Short, 1st
Universe – IFBB, Medium, 1st
Universe – IFBB, Overall Winner

1975 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd
Universe – Pro – IFBB, 2nd
World Pro Championships – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd

1977 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd
1977 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, Overall, 3rd

Night of Champions – IFBB, 4th
1978 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 4th
1978 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, Overall, 7th

Canada Pro Cup – IFBB, Did not place
Florida Pro Invitational – IFBB, 7th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania – IFBB, Did not place
Night of Champions – IFBB, 8th
1979 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, LightWeight, 9th
Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – IFBB, 8th
Universe – Pro – IFBB, 5th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, 5th

Grand Prix Miami – IFBB, 6th
Grand Prix Pennsylvania – IFBB, 6th
Night of Champions – IFBB, 4th
1980 Mr. Olympia – IFBB, 11th
Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – IFBB, 6th
Universe – Pro – IFBB, Did not place
World Pro Championships – IFBB, Did not place

Team Fitnessvolt sending their condolences to Ed Corney’s family in this tough time. RIP Ed.

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