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Anadrol Reviews 2019 – Results, Benefits and Side Effects in Bodybuilding


Are you tired of pushing your limits in intense workouts and still you are not getting what you have desired all your life?

We understand that it is every man’s dream to get a Hulk-like body, but not everyone is blessed with it. In the case of the athletes to whom this body type matters the best, they use certain shortcuts to get past the toughest part.

A little browse to the internet and you will get the answer that is none other than Anadrol, which is one of the fastest acting steroids in the human body.

It is one of those steroids, which improve the anabolic action inside the individual and has been known to deliver incredible results.

But let us tell you that it is not going to be a Cakewalk for you.

Most of the medical research says that Anadrol can be one of the most toxic anabolic steroids, which will harm your liver in the most adverse manner and can destroy your health. That is the reason why before using this steroid, you should get to know all about it and decide whether the results are worth all the adversities. After reading this if you are still comfortable you can go forward and use Anadrol but if you are not sure you can definitely get some other steroids or drugs which are comparatively less harmful.

What is Anadrol 50?

Anadrol 50 belongs to the anabolic androgenic steroid family and it is also the brand name for the steroid named Oxymetholone.

50 means that every capsule consists of 50mg dosage. Some of the best brand names are Oxitoland, Androlic, Hemogenin, Anapolon, Anasterone, etc. The existence of Anadrol can be traced back to the year 1960 which was primarily used in order to treat anaemia and all such diseases which used to cause muscle waste.

Backdrop of Anadrol

During those days there was an extensive study conducted on the patients suffering from AIDS over a tenure of 30 weeks so that their muscle wastage could be controlled. At the end of the 30-week time span, it was revealed that they had gained around 8 kgs of weight on average.

It is during that time when bodybuilders and athletes who had the need for a ripped and shredded body, noticed the changes that Anadrol could bring and started using that so that they could quickly gain the muscle mass. Anadrol has the potential to help in building your muscle twice as fast as you normally would, but most of the steroid users will definitely advise you to stay away from it because it has intense side effects. Most experts think that the kind of Side Effects Anadrol brings along with it the results are not worth it.

Anadrol Detection Time

But let’s talk about that later.

The interesting facts about this steroid are that when used on the therapeutic patients it has been said to increase the appetite and the same thing when used by the bodybuilders and athletes it suppresses the appetite to a great extent.

The structure of Anadrol has been altered into a 17aa steroid which specifically means that it is altered at the 17th atom so that it can be taken orally and is safe for oral consumption. Again it is the same tractor why it is so very adverse to the liver. The time of detection that it will take Anadrol to show a mark in your body is approximately 8 weeks.

According to the recent statistics, the anabolic rating of Anadrol is 320 and the androgenic rating of Anadrol is 45.

How to use Anadrol?

It is one of the most common questions that are asked by the beginners who want to use Anadrol in order to build a muscle mass and density.

There are two types of Android takers:

  • Type 1: Who take them in a dispersed manner and might not take any more after the first usage
  • Type 2: Who take up Anadrol in a cyclic process.

Since it is a very strong steroid you have to understand the fact that it is to be taken as per complete guidance so that the body can get accustomed to low dose at first, and then you can take a hike.

Anadrol cycle for beginners

The time span of the cycle is 12 weeks and the dose can range from 300 mg to 500 mg per week. But at first Testosterone Enanthate is given to the body before Anadrol so that you can understand how much of it can you actually handle.

Testosterone is definitely a part of the annual cycle so that it can generate considerable anabolic effects, but the sad part to it is that along with testosterone you might have a high oestrogen spike and therefore you would like to have something like Nolvadex in your hand in order to inhibit the estrogenic effects.

But before beginning to take the Anadrol cycle always remember that the individual will be in a high-risk environment because Anadrol has unparalleled estrogenic activity potential and do it will give you results it might also harm you in ways more than one.

Anadrol cycle for intermediate users

Time duration of this cycle is 12 during which a combination of Testosterone Enanthate for 100 MG per week combination with Anadrol for about 50 mg per day. During the intermediate cycle, the individual can face certain changes which are the reason why the testosterone dose is given first in order to give a supportive loan so that the physiological system can be regulated.

Changes during this cycle

It is always better to note that it is not a primary anabolic change. In this period the oestrogenic activity may rise and that is the reason why sometimes individuals also take a dose of Deca Durabolin which also adds to the muscle gain after the termination of Anadrol. Also in the intermediate cycle, the dosage is reduced to some extent because it is a very strong anabolic steroid. For an intermediate consumer, 50 mg of Anadrol is more than enough in order to gain mass and strength.

Anadrol cycle for advanced users

If you have not stopped till now it is quite evident that your body has grown accustomed Anadrol and you are not ready to be in the advanced user’s cycle stage. In this case from week 1-8, an individual will be given testosterone propionate at 25 milligrams every single alternate day in combination with Trenbolone acetate at hundred milligrams every alternate day and Anadrol at hundred milligrams per day. In the advanced stage, the cycling term is much shorter and the main focus of the cycle is to give the best of results which definitely comes along with hepatotoxic effects.

Please note that using anabolic steroid consecutively for 8 weeks will definitely be pushing your limits to a great extent as because it is not at all advisable to keep going for a longer period of time. Also whether or not you will be able to handle the advanced cycle definitely depends on how you have been handling the effects and side effects of the intermediate cycle.

Anadrol Half Life

Since Anadrol has a Half-Life of just 16 hours, therefore, it is advisable to take every day if you are looking for the desired results. It is a steroid which is meant only for bulking the body and will not be affected if you want to cut from the body because it retains a lot of water while consumption.

Good news is;

You will notice that most of the results will be visible from the first Sri weeks and then they are likely to taper house by the end of four to six weeks. Since it has a very short Half-Life the main problem of the steroid is that the changes will visibly diminish very quickly right after you stop using it so you have to be ingesting this very frequently if you want prolonged effects.

This is another one of the reasons why most people take a combination of Anadrol with a long-lasting Trenbolone so that the results do not ebb away. Most people who have used it have mentioned that they have been able to gain 1 lb per day for the first couple of weeks but then they could feel that the changes were going away fast.

What are the advantages of Anadrol?

  • Increases mass density: Anadrol extensively helps in the mass-giving features in the body as well as improving your strength.
  • Bodybuilding: If you have a lanky figure and you want to ask some bulk to it, then Anadrol all is the perfect thing to help you.
  • Eliminating obesity: Anadrol can help in weight management by helping in fat loss but it is a contradictory notion because many feel that it is more effective in gaining weight than losing fat.
  • Quick Work: Anadrol is a steroid that works in a very fast-paced manner which is the reason why most bodybuilders I looking forward to it because they do not want to push the limits doing intense workouts.
  • Affordable: It is quite cheaper as compared to other mass gaining steroids and therefore it is affordable for one and all.
  • Easy to consume: It has to be consumed orally which means that you do not have to fear of getting injections within a few days.

It is to be noted that if you want a very cut and chiselled look you will not be able to get it via Anadrol because of its water retention capability.

What are the disadvantages of Anadrol?

  • Effects ebb away quick: Since the half-life of this drug is very small therefore it loses its effects very quickly as soon as you stop taking it. This means that if you are looking for a longer effect then you will have to get frequent doses of it which might not be good for your health.
  • Toxicity: It has been medically tested to be extremely toxic to the and people with liver problems should not be taking this drug at all.
  • Bloating: Since the steroid helps in the water retention of the body, that is the reason why you might feel bloated all the time.
  • Difficult to buy: It is not an over-the-counter drug as because FDA has not approved of it and therefore it is manufactured in the underground Labs and has to be bought in the black market. It is absolutely illegal.
  • Gyno: Since Anadrol has some amount of oestrogen hiking capacities in it, it might lead to unnecessary growth of body hair.
  • Aggressive behaviour: This steroid has the potential of causing aggression in the body and that is the reason why it brings upon depression.
  • Loss of sleep: A heavy dose of Anadrol can lead to Insomnia or sleep deprivation. It can also cause occasional nightmares and you may wake up sweaty at the middle of the night.
  • Inhibition of hunger: Loss of appetite is something that is experienced by every individual who is taking Anadrol.
  • Elevation in Blood Pressure: Anadrol works in a very fast paced manner in the blood system and that is the reason why it may cause a rise in the blood pressure which can lead to hypertension.

Anadrol reviews by verified users

Frank Johnson (Verified Purchase)

Hello guys this is Frank here and today I am going to give my first hand experience on using Anadrol. I am a professional boxer but I did not have the specific body type that is required for my Sports. I started doing intensive workout but even that seem to be a slow progress to me. There is a time when I started browsing the internet and I took up Anadrol thinking it would give me the shape that I have always craved for. Little did i know about the side effects that would take a huge toll on my body. In the first 3 weeks I was very happy to see the changes that were happening in my body and I found my strength and aggressiveness perfect to beat any boxer.

But gradually I realised that as soon as I stop taking the steroid I would be back to square one and I would again lose my confidence. Also I was affected by side effects like sleeplessness and unnecessary hair growth. I did not think it was wise for me to test the intermediate cycle and that is why I stopped taking the steroid right away. I would not recommend this shortcut to any individual.

John Smith (Verified Purchase)

Hello peeps this is John and I have always being bullied because of my lanky figure. I always wanted to be strong aggressive and have the physic of a bodybuilder but I was not blessed with it. Then one of my friends came up with the idea that I would be able to have the perfect figure if I started taking steroids like Anadrol. Both of us did a research on it and I knew that I would be facing some side effects but I was ready to take up the challenge. I started taking the drug and I could feel my long lost confidence getting back to me.

Even with my lanky figure I was very physically healthy so I thought I would be able to sustain the side effects that would eventually come. But it’s turns out that I was actually wrong. I completed the beginner cycle and started the intermediate one when suddenly I could see you having sharp stomach aches and even fell into the grip of Jaundice. I have to put an end to the steroid use and understood but for the kind of effect that I am looking for I would have to take frequent tablets of the steroids which might be even fatal for me. I would never again take the risk of harming my body in lieu of getting an attractive physique.

Joe Jones (Verified Purchase)

This is not actually a firsthand experience that I have gone through but it is about a friend who used Anadrol. He is an athletic by profession and that is why he wanted to beat all the rest. I could see him pushing his limits by doing intense workouts. when he was dissatisfied with the results he started taking Anadrol thinking that it would be one stop solution to all his problems. In the beginning and the intermediate cycles he was troubled with a bit of side effects but he was actually happy to have got his results and that is why you continue taking prolonged dosage of Anadrol.

Eventually he found out that the disadvantages when more than the advantages and he was no longer happy because he was getting dependent on the steroid. When I asked him whether he would recommend anybody to take up this steroid he said he would not do so even if he was paid for it. Instead, his recommendation was to go for a milder supplement so that the harm caused to the body is less. One should always be taking Anadrol after being sure that he can take up the side effects letter companies it and the body is strong enough to bear it.

Precautionary measures to be taken before consuming Anadrol

  • If you have any sustaining liver condition then you should definitely not take Anadrol at any cost, because it might cause hepatitis dysfunction and even liver failure at the extreme level. Not only that you can also suffer from malignant tumours in the liver cells which might be fatal to you.
  • Anadrol is a steroid that consists of traces of testosterone and oestrogen and therefore it should not be used by women because then it can cause deepening of the voice as well as menstrual irregularities.
  • Since it causes a hike in the blood pressure it can cause hypertension which can cause a number of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Before taking this steroid, make sure that you do not have any pre-existing medical condition and even if you do make sure that this is not interacting with the medicines that you are already taking.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take the steroid under any circumstances or else it might prove fatal to the foetus and cause adverse effects in the newborn baby.

Frequently asked questions about Anadrol

Where can Anadrol be bought?

Remember that unlike other drugs Anadrol is not something that can be bought of the internet like Amazon and Walmart. It is not even a legal thing to buy and that is the reason why you need to be discrete and see where you can get the perfect substance. It is mostly sold in the black markets Undercover and that is the reason why you need to give access to one such dealer who sells these.

What is the legal alternative to Anadrol?

Anadrol is in itself an illegal steroid to buy, but there are also some legal alternatives named as Anadrol, which is available over the counter and on all the online forums and has been reviewed to find out that it gives incredible results within short period of time.

Does it increase the masculinity of an individual?

If you talk about the libido then we can say that by using these steroids you will have to bid goodbye to your sexual drive, but if you talk in terms of muscle building and erection, then we can say that after using this steroid most men have experienced sudden erection and muscle firmness.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we can say that Anadrol is a very strong steroid which enhances the androgenic and anabolic activities in the body and has shown results beyond imagination but it is also true that it has given rise to a number of unwanted Side Effects as well. Now that you have a detailed review about how Anadrol works and how it changes the working mechanism of the body, it is for you to decide whether these quick but effervescent results are worth the long-term harm that is being caused to your body. Not only is it bodily problematic, but consuming illegal steroids might cause harm in ways more than one.

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