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Why Women Need to Take Up Weight Training – Mom Blog Society


Many women balk at the idea of lifting weights. The general feeling is that bulges will appear where they are not needed and some curves will probably become more angular than curvy. Recent discoveries mainly due to watching female weightlifters have helped to dispel these fears.

A lot of women have come to the realization that yoga and running, while they are worthwhile activities, may not bring the desired results. It may be time to include some resistance training. Lifting weights or strength training will get you the results you need faster than if you only concentrate on cardio.

Here are a few of the reasons why the ladies should consider lifting weights:

Most people think the only benefit of weight training is gaining rippling muscles and adding size. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn resistance training is top on the list of exercises that burn calories. Your body is able to burn fat not only during but also after exercise.

The aftermath of weight training is the continued consumption of oxygen in the hours and even days that follow. This is referred to as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).  More consumption of oxygen results in increased caloric loss and metabolic rate.

Not angles. As your muscles are built up, your body begins to get curvier. It begins to take on that hourglass shape. Strength training helps you to create and maintain fat and muscle. If you lose both fat and muscle, the curves go as well.

Studies indicate that morning resistance training has major effects on the quality of sleep. It also lengthens the time of sleep at night. In addition, it decreases the episodes of wakefulness during the night.

If you have been having some trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, strength training may very well be a remedy.

Weight training increases your energy levels, according to studies, that is due to chronic increase in energy expenditure. Not only does your energy increase but also fat oxidation goes up. That ought to get you reaching for a barbell as you muse over reports in the office.

The American Heart Association approves of weight training as a form of exercise for those at risk of heart disease. Studies have confirmed that those who lift weights are less likely to have risk factors such as:

More studies show that although the heart rate increases in patients when they are actively training, their blood pressure goes down as does the heart rate the following morning.

Weightlifting is beneficial to women in other areas such as bone health and stress relief as these are issues of concern to women’s health especially in later years, and the above mentioned are a few of the reasons why women should actively consider taking up weightlifting.

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