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Forty ways you can kick aging to the curb

Ok, so getting older is as graceful of a process as you want it to be. However, if we’re honest with ourselves, life doesn’t always turn out that way (Especially after age 40). By no means would we ever think that after age forty, our physical abilities would get even better because the process of declining is so widely believed to occur at this point in life.

The good thing is that you actually do have options. So choose what you do from this point on very wisely as you can either rise above the rest or join the buzzards. At forty, you shouldn’t even think about slowing down.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger… do you think he needed to slow down after age 40? If he did, he wouldn’t still be conquering life like a boss! But he is, and it’s because he didn’t let his age stop him from reaching his full potential.

Make the decision to “get it” after forty because life has just begun. Here are forty ways to kick some serious butt after age 40…

1. Focus On Developing Mental Toughness

Age forty is no time to play around when it comes to building/improving your mental toughness. No, it’s not a time for slowing down by any means because life is never over after a certain age. The concept of retirement is suitable for some people (Who are ok with mediocrity) but for “you,” it’s not an option.

You must physically and mentally continue to push yourself because a healthy body means a healthy mind. The pursuit of meaningfulness in life should never be ceased.

2. Stop Associating Age With Decline

Your perspective will determine your ability to keep pushing forward when age seems like a limitation. Here’s the secret… the limitations you put on yourself are self-imposed.

Age forty and later are a time of maturity and growth, so stop thinking of the possibility of decline. Of course, age-related issues arise but are you going to let them define you? Hopefully not!

3. Sleep is Just As Important after Forty

Sleep is so vital to good health and longevity. Our health is so dependent on our ability to get good sleep because it is the state in which our bodies repair, regenerate and replenishes itself. Just think of it as an automobile, if you don’t maintain it and give proper care to it, it will eventually stop functioning at a high level.

The way we feel during the day is often a result of the quality of sleep we get and it can affect mental health and other bodily functions. Cognitive function is dependent on sleep quality and sleep deprivation can cause obesity heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

So get at least 7-8 hours of deep sleep each night so you can take on the day ahead at full function.

Many people neglect to focus, on getting deep sleep because they don’t want life to pass them by or they just can’t fall asleep. However, if you sleep good, you’ll enjoy life more.

4. Be Mindful in Every Sense

Since longevity is the goal, you want to be sure you are taking care of your mind to body connection the best you can. Now is the time to be mindful of everything you do on a daily basis. The way we take care of ourselves in our earlier years, the better off we’ll be in our later years.

5. Don’t Think of Your Physical Limitations as Being Inferior

After the age of forty, it’s natural to think or even say something along the lines of “well I’m not what I used to be”. You’re mentally as old as you believe you are. Don’t let society make you believe that you cannot be as vibrant and strong as you were in your twenties because there are plenty of people who are in the best shape of their lives after forty.

Does that tell you something? It’s all in the mind. What you perceive to be the case, will manifest mentally and cause you to sell yourself short.

6. Hit the Weights Consistently

It’s never a good idea to abandon strength training of some sort. Well, we already know that Osteoporosis (Bone disease) is a big problem for the aging population, so do yourself a favor and decelerate the process, through utilizing weight training.

A consistent weekly schedule in the gym (Or at home) can prevent bone loss and strengthen your muscles as well (Who doesn’t want a sexier physique after 40)?

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Yourself

You shouldn’t be thinking about taking a step back… be careful when you’re attempting to express yourself physically but at the same time, it’s also ok to go full throttle if you’re smart about it. Doesn’t mean recklessly attacking the weights like when you were twenty years old because let’s face it, age is an inevitable process.

However, what you can and need to do is learn how to get the most out of your physical capabilities. This means finding what works for your body so you can remain injury free. Longevity is a something many people don’t understand and as a result, find themselves incapable of doing simple bodily movements.

8. Focus More On Finding Your Range of Motion

There is no one size fits all range of motion and if anyone tells you that, they’re full of crap. Everyone is different and although it’s good to get a nice stretch through the muscle, some people have to find their own range of motion.

In fact, many people get better results from doing partial repetitions and they save their joints at the same time. Following what everyone else does just because they say it should be done a certain way (Ego) is a good way to injure yourself.

Not to mention, you followed their crappy advice and you’re the one who is too messed up physically to workout.

9. Focus On Lasting Dietary Changes

Diet, diet, diet… such an overlooked component to better health and longevity. The saying, “you are what you eat” couldn’t be further from the truth (Think about that the next time you reach for the box of Twinkies)…

A diet rich in the following foods is your best bet after age forty…

If you can consume foods similar to the following foods groups for most of your meals, then your health will surely thank you.

All that processed food we like to chow down on may not kill us right away but there’s a time in life where we pay for the foods we consume.

10. Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements

Lately, there has been a lot of talk on the protein being overrated but let’s be honest… it’s underrated. Now, we can all agree that all the protein supplements are overabundant in the fitness industry (It’s a business what do you expect?)

Kai Greene Eating

However, food should also be the first option for protein intake and there is some amazing option loaded with protein.

Some protein-packed foods include:

Check out our list of 40 Great Protein-Packed Foods

These foods are not only high in protein but they are tasty and great options for getting in some quality protein.

Make sure you consume at least 1.5-2 grams of protein per body weight per day. Since protein is a necessary macronutrient, we need a decent amount for many bodily functions. (1)

11. Get Your Vitamins

It’s necessary to have all your vitamins because if you don’t, it can result in less than desirable bodily functioning. Now, you can get most of your vitamins and minerals from food sources but you need to make sure to choose your foods wisely as to make sure they are rich in proper nutrients.
Vitamins which are especially important are:

You can get these nutrients from eggs, dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Some people still come up deficient and in this case taking vitamins can be a good addition to your diet.

12. Herbs Are Amazing for Your Body

We get so caught up in using synthetic methods to resolve the ailments that we forget about Mother Nature’s supply of medicinal herbs. We weren’t really meant to shove all this Western medicine down our throats because man-made drugs are a band-aid and not a solution.

Start experimenting with the miraculous healing properties of herbs and you may find that you need to make a daily habit of doing so.

Some amazing herbs for you are…

Cumin is rich in iron and can even possibly help you with weight loss. (2)

Allicin is a main component of garlic which can help with high blood pressure and cholesterol. It must be chopped or crushed to get the benefits. (2)

A beautiful herb, Ginger can ease nausea and possibly fight against cancer. (2)

Turmeric contains Circumin which is a powerful antioxidant which is anti-inflammatory. Its properties can help to prevent and decelerate Alzheimer’s Disease by preventing brain plaque which causes Dementia. (2)

Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and not to mention it’s delicious in just about anything you add it to. (2)

High in Magnesium and Zinc, this herb fights inflammation and soothes an upset stomach. (2)

13. Get Plenty of Sunshine (Vitamin D)

Many people worldwide do not get enough Vitamin D. It’s essential for life and that is why we need enough of it. Now, of course, you can get from eggs and dairy but sunshine is the preferred method.

A lack of Vitamin D may cause soft bones since it’s necessary for the absorption of calcium. This can result in Rickets (Soft bones). Although a deficiency in Vitamin has been linked to several types of cancers, there has been no conclusive evidence on its relation to several health issues. (3)

Low Vitamin D is associated with depression as well which is why the sun is so good for mental health as well.

It’s still a really good idea to get plenty of sun rays which allows the body to produce sufficient Vitamin D.

14. Take Fish Oil

Best Fish Oil Supplement

It’s important that you do not choose a fish liver oil which contains too much vitamin A. (4)

15. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is so extremely crucial to proper functioning and life because you could honestly survive without food longer than you can without water. Our bodies are made of up to 60% water so it’s no wonder we need to be drinking plenty of it. (5)

16.Up Those Fruits and Veggies

A diet abundant in plant-based foods like fruits and veggies will do your body wonders. Eating these healthy foods lowers blood pressure and promotes healthy blood sugar levels while decreasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers and many other types of life-threatening diseases. (6)

17. Cut Out the Junk Food

Junk food will do nothing other than slow you down and make you feel like utter crap (What do you expect ingesting poison?)

If we’re all honest we like a good dessert, or a bag of goodies when we crave sugar, salt, and fat but it’s important that we do not get attached to making these types of food choices. Our health depends on our ability to have the will-power to say no.

18. 100% Grass Fed Options Are Best

It’s crucial to know that a label on a product which says “grass-fed,” doesn’t always mean it is. You see, a company can stamp anything on a label but it’s not always technically the true case.

Grass-fed can mean an animal was fed grass at one point in its life and corn-fed in another. This is how sneaky the food industry can be.

Be wary of the lies in the food industry and learn as much as you can so you’re getting what you actually intend on getting.

19. Say No to Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol will slow you down and even kill you if you’re not careful. 88,000 (62,000 men and 26,000 women) people die annually from alcohol-related causes. (7)

Alcohol can cause many life-threatening problems which include:

The list could go on but it’s important to know the real dangers associated with drinking alcohol in excess. Sure, in moderation the problems will be less severe and maybe non-existent but have self-control when it comes to your intake.

It’s “cool” to get drunk in many instances but it won’t be if your liver is damaged and you find yourself in a hospital bed wishing you could have been responsible.

20. Get Regular Checkups

Too often we hear about someone who was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition too late, and as a result, it’s too late to do something about it. Don’t neglect your health checkups because your life really does depend on it.

Yes, it’s tedious but it’s worth it.

The reason checkups are necessary is because we live in a world with bad nutrition, stressful day-to-day activities, and pollution in many forms. It’s great to be able to take preventative measures and not try to patch up the issues later on.

21. Get a Good Doctor

If your current Doctor isn’t cutting it for you, then it’s time to change it up. We all need a Doctor who can accurately diagnose us and/or recommend healthy and viable options. Your Doctor’s visits shouldn’t be stressful but rather helpful for maintaining your best health possible.

If your current Doctor is not thoroughly examining you, then it may be time to move on to one who will. Also, sometimes we have a better idea of what we’re experiencing and some physician’s can never seem to get on the proper path to a diagnosis.

22. Back Off the Medications

It’s understandable that some people need medication for certain reasons but most people could eliminate the need for certain medications with lifestyle changes.

Diet and exercise can resolve so many different ailments that it’s surprising most people just don’t get it. See, the reason why so many people opt for medication is the fact it’s so simple to pop a pill and shot a shot. Whereas making lifestyle changes takes a lot of effort.

Also, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to lose out on the profits, which is why prescriptions are handed out without a real evaluation of lifestyle habits.

23. Be as Natural as Possible

We tend to get caught up in trying all the remedies and supplements out there but the best thing to do is to just be simple. Make sure you’re getting in your nutrients and if you’re deficient in something, just work to bring it up to normal levels.

Sure we need certain nutrients to function optimally and we can get most of these from foods but don’t overdo it by thinking you need an excess of every vitamin and herb.

24. Make Sure Your Testosterone Levels Are Up to Par

Low test levels are your worst nightmare. Low sex drive, small muscles, crappy emotions… you don’t want low testosterone.

Also, if you didn’t know this before you will now but low testosterone levels are dangerous and can result in some pretty serious inconveniences. Now a normal range for testosterone falls somewhere between 300 to 900 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). (8)

However, there’s more to it. You need to make sure your free testosterone (Amount of the hormone present in the body at a given time) in is a healthy range. (8)

So, it’s important to have your free testosterone checked because low levels can cause many issues like the following…

Check out The 7 ways to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

While these issues are very undesirable, it’s important to find a treatment which will help improve your quality of life, rather than making it worse. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is an option however the side effects may not be worth it for some people as blood clots, Sleep Apnea, Gynecomastia, and other side effects are not exactly rare. (9) (10)

25. Fight Estrogen With Proper Lifestyle Habits

Estrogen is good for us in normal ranges but when it fluctuates, we see mood changes and muscle building is more of a challenge. Although there are medications and treatments for this, start with diet and see if changes occur.

Some good foods to fight off estrogen related fluctuations are:

Diet can essentially cure any and everything because what’s caused by nature, can be cured by it. So many are brainwashed by the Pharmaceutical industry that they don’t realize how vital a good diet is for repairing the human body.

26. Tend to Mitochondrial Health

Being a large organelle in most cells in the body responsible for the processes of respiration and energy production, mitochondria convert oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is responsible for energy production in the cells.

So to support these mitochondria, we need to be sure we’re practicing healthy lifestyle changes.

Here are some essential nutrients we need for healthy Mitochondria:

You can buy these supplements at essentially any health store.

These all have supportive evidence for increasing mitochondrial efficiency, necessary for optimal ATP production. (12)

27. Try to Manage Your Stress

Yeah, we know… how can you manage stress when it’s everywhere? If you have that attitude, then you’ll pay for it at some point in your life. Take time out of your day to spend time with your inner-awareness by practicing mindfulness techniques.

If you can take time to do some type of meditation, you’ll be mentally more calm and aware rather than always tied up in your present emotions. Meditation decreases anxiety improves mental health and also improved cardiovascular health. (13)

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a great way to relax your body because when you’re in a stressful situation, you can learn how to control your nerves which will allow you to calm your nerves rather than being in a constant fight or flight state.

The benefits of exercise are so amazing that it can be even more effective than taking medication for depression. This is because exercise releases endorphins but not only that… the Hippocampus in the brain regulates mood and exercise promotes nerve cell growth for better connectivity resulting in decreased levels of depression. (14)

Make life changes

Decreased stress can be a decision away. If theirs is unnecessary stress in your life then do something about it as soon as possible. Many people allow things to linger which results in long-term negative effects on health.

28. Eat More Probiotics for Better Gut Health

Your gut health is one of the most important aspects of your physical functioning. Consuming live, (Good) bacteria is essential for gut health and overall health because certain issues associated with an unhealthy gut are… (15)

You can find good probiotics in yogurt, sauerkraut, supplements, and other food sources as well. Never neglect your gut health as it is a first line defense against many sicknesses.

29. Wake Up Early Everyday

You need to start your day off with prepping yourself for a productive day ahead.

Whether this means making a healthy breakfast, meditating and/or writing down your goals, you need to be doing it if you want to improve your body and mind. Good habits will allow you to reach your fitness goals when other people are letting life pass them by.

30. Improve Your Routine

We all have some sort of routine (Unless you don’t) and it’s important to know the difference between a routine which can change your life and one which drain you, making your lifestyle much less enjoyable.

You don’t want to make a routine which will make you bored real quickly because then you’d really be wasting your forties.

What do you want to accomplish now?… Try to set some realistic and unrealistic goals.

After you set a realistic goal and achieve it, you’ll build the confidence to achieve even bigger ones. So if you want to hit a pr on the bench press, by all means, go ahead. If you want to gain five pounds of muscle next year, then have at it!

Give yourself something to look forward to as to not get stuck in the monotony a lot of people settle for. You deserve to “kill it” in every sense and setting goals are a way to take yourself to a place (Mentally and physically) you’ve never been before.

31. Stay Flexible

Keep your body flexible and practice stretching daily. The worst thing is to have tight muscles and no mobility and range of motion through the joints.

Important areas which often need the most stretching out are:

Since we live stressful and sedentary lives these muscles build up a lot of tension and it’s important to know just how much these areas need to be stretched. It’s a good idea to consult with a Physical Therapist to find out the extent of stretching your body needs to remain at full function.

Remember though, it’s better to warm up a muscle with at least 10 min of light activity because you don’t want to stretch a cold muscle to full capacity. (16)

32. Dress Your Age

You can still look extremely sexy by wearing fitted clothing suitable for your age group.

The more fitted and quality your clothing is, the better you’ll be able to accentuate your figure. Show off what you’ve worked for. After forty is a time when you should be looking amazing.

33. Care About What You Look Like

Often when life hits us and age is a reality, we back off from taking care of our bodies. Well, this is pure and utter nonsense. Life should never have a point when we let our foot off the gas pedal because that’s the difference between mediocrity and ultra high achievement.

Hit the gym and get out and exercise every day of your life because it’s your duty to do so. We weren’t put here on Earth to let go at any point.

Get out there and “Get it”.

34. Face and Overcome Those Age-Related Demons

We don’t hear enough about why we need to face our demons head on and boldly say “I call the shots”. Many people give life too much control especially, after age forty and this is a big mistake. The saying “new levels, new devils” is entirely true because each age group faces obstacles which all set out to “take you out”.

Maybe you’re battling with physical health issues or mental health issues but it’s your job to fight back relentlessly.

35. Seek Balance

Balance in everything is so essential for mental health. We need to find a happy medium after age forty because sometimes our priorities change. Make sure you’re getting in your fitness activities daily while also paying attention to diet.

Plus, balance keeps you from boredom and you should be creative in what you incorporate into your daily routine.

36. Put Down the Devices

You know what we mean when we say to put down the technology. It means early in the morning, instead of reaching for your phone to check your emails and social media, practice meditation, workout, show gratitude in some way etc.

Our electronic devices are killing our ability to be present and aware.

After age forty, you shouldn’t be in the cell phone crowd where your face is buried in your device. You should be focusing on improving yourself entirely. You see, most of us waste so much time on our devices but are we really productive?

It’s understandable that some people do have a life on the internet but should it be this way? No! Do what you have to do on the internet and get off and get out into the world. We weren’t meant to be sedentary and the older you get, the more imperative it is to be more active and aware of the world around you.

37. Supplement Meaningless Activities With Mindful Ones

How about doing something on a daily basis which will benefit you instead of doing something which will leave you feeling unsatisfied? Reaching a certain age can contribute to mental and physical limitations.

But are you helping the situation or making it worse? Answer truthfully because you cannot fool yourself.

Can you get after it and hit those weights instead of immersing yourself in the crap life throws at you? Listen, time waits for no one and the older you get, the more this becomes the case. Too many people become time wasters and never reach their full potential.

It’s your job to make the best of what you have by tending to your health.

38. Focus On Longevity

Longevity is something many people take for granted. So what lifestyle habits need to be developed to promote longevity?

Your mental habits will make all the difference regarding your longevity. See, if your mind is in the right place, everything else will follow and you’ll make good decisions. This results in longevity because you’re no longer making choices which will be detrimental to your well-being.

We all know what the right decisions should be and each person’s life will depend on the habit-forming decision we make daily. Who doesn’t want a long, healthy and meaningful life?

39. Develop Better Habits

Habits are what make us who we are. After age forty, we might still have the same habits we did before. But the truth is, we can all implement better habits into our lives. Life doesn’t stop at a certain point even if we have everything together.

You can never stop improving and putting in the effort to become the best version of “you” possible!

We need to develop better habits all around, whether that means better nutritional habits, exercise-related habits or any lifestyle-related habits. You can get up every day and decide to make a lasting change. This will without a doubt change your life even after age 40.

40. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Don’t be so hard on yourself (Even after age forty) and accept that failure is a part of life. If you haven’t reached your fitness goals, don’t worry, just keep on trying to improve monthly.

Reaching the desired fitness goal may take longer than you think it should because the body does things at a slow pace. You’re not a failure if you haven’t lost all the weight you wanted to either. Weight loss should be slow and steady.

Now, obviously the metabolism is a little slower after age forty for most people but that should not limit you in any way possible.

Keep at it and embrace failure. It’s necessary to continue improving even when you’ve climbed a bit in the age bracket. Be easy on yourself but at the same time hold yourself accountable for your shortcomings. It’s never too late to achieve your best.

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