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Weight Training with the Sisters. | The Hungry Runner Girl


Reader PAM (the cutest thing in the world) sent me my new FAVORITEST sweatshirt ever.  I died from happiness when I opened it and I don’t think I will take it off for anything besides work and the occasional shower.

Febreeze works miracles people.

Warning, Warning, Warning……The moves that we are about to show you are VERY basic, but that is how we roll.  If you are a weight training machine this is going to seem like a toddler’s lifting plan so just scroll down to the bottom and answer my random questions.

You can read about our DELTOID workout HERE.

Today we are focusing on Chest and Back (8-12 reps, 3 sets)…….two pics for each move with the start and finish.  Please note that I know that my face and body are two completely different colors.  It is a rare disease called ‘getting carried away with the bronzer’ and it effects me and Billy’s everyday quality of life.

‘SIster, I don’t know about this one……10 lbs is a lot to pull down.”

That is her real hair.  I know, I have been jealous my whole life, join the party.

I am truly sorry but I just can’t help myself from making weird faces.

For your own safety, don’t look too closely at my armpits.

I would be scared to be in a dark ally with this woman.

Time for the Physical Therapist!!! I think I am there more than I am at home…….

P.S. in regards to my last post, my body is feeling much better because of the whole wheat egg sandwich I had for bfast, 4 lbs of brocc and spinach tuna salad for lunch and at least 6 apples and pears with pb, my veins are bursting with nutrients at the moment and I am feeling like myself again!

Only 4 days left of school until Spring Break II.  It is normal to feel jealousy after reading the previous sentence.

What kind of music device do you use when you workout?

-LOVE my ipod shuffle.  It is pink and Billy wrote, “Pain is Temporary” on the back.

How old were you when you got your first gym pass?

-I had a pass to the rec. center during high school and joined Gold’s when I was 19.  I also worked out at the college gym quite a bit in the good ol’ days.

Finish the Sentence:  WILL RUN FOR _______________.

-ICE CREAM, Pam….you know me way too well:)

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