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Weight training program for wrestlers: how intense it should be – Wrestling-Online.com


Bulking or cutting are the two words you’ll always hear whenever it comes to weight, especially if you’re wrestling. If you want to be a part of a certain weight group, you’d need to make drastic changes to your weight, and that isn’t easy.

If you’re thinking of taking on a really intense weight training program, you’ll need to know exactly how much effort you should be putting in. Even those who aspire to be one of the people who are mentioned whenever the question of who is the biggest bodybuilder comes up, are aware that intense training requires a lot of rest and respect for your body’s capabilities. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to know more about how much discipline and what kind of lifestyle and diet is needed in order to achieve the body of a wrestler.

Here Are the 5 Things You Need To Know About How Strict Your Training Program Should Be:

The Workouts

Going down to the gym and busting out as much weight as you can is always going to be extremely tiring. The muscles you’re working out on that day need to be absolutely exhausted by the end of the workout every single time, but you never need to go overboard with weights you clearly can’t do. Not every set you do has to end in absolute failure to complete it. Managing the right weights for your current level helps you a lot more than adding extra weight and being unable to finish the entire set without failure. You should be going as hard as you can but you can’t do something you clearly are incapable of doing, as that could result in poor form and often also injury instead of results.

Resting Is Essential

Resting is just as important as exercising. Working out is ripping your muscle fibers apart for them to repair themselves and grow stronger, hence, working out is just ripping yourself apart but the actual growth occurs when you rest. No matter who you aspire to become like, they’ll tell you that rest is just as important as working out, so don’t ignore it!

Daily Calorie Intake

Whether you want to increase or decrease your weight, you always need to keep in mind your calorie intake every day. Knowing how much food you’ve taken in through counting calories helps you understand what you’re going to need to get where you want. If your calorie intake in your weight program tells you that you need to take in at least 4000 calories a day to bulk, it might be too intense. If it tells you that you need to take in less than 1500 calories a day if you’re cutting, then it’s also too intense. You can achieve the same results without completely starving/overfeeding yourself.

Programs will often give you very difficult instructions that are almost impossible to follow through with, and most of the time it’s unnecessary and the same results could be achieved without the intensity provided with the training program. Diets are capable of dropping/adding weights as long as you’re disciplined with them, and workouts shouldn’t result in injuries, just the natural exhaustion. Programs that are too intense, often discourage you from getting to your goals, so make sure you’re going at a comfortable pace.

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