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NPC/IFBB Announces New Type of Posing Trunks For Men’s Classic Physique

An interesting new change to the competition!

There’s a new twist to the men’s Classic Physique Division and it has to do with… posing trunks? Yep. Well, the black ones you’re used to seeing on competitors will now be replaced with the more traditional version (You know the ones).

The problem with the long black trunks was that they covered the entire glutes, some hamstrings, and even little upper quads. Now, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because you could see a lot of definition but the bar has been raised because now competitors really have to achieve even better conditioning than before.

These new trunks hide no weaknesses and maybe that’s what the IFBB was pushing for? Maybe. However, the athletes have gotten what they’ve asked for.

Here is the official announcement:

Pittsburgh, PA
December 19, 2018,

Since the inception of the Men’s Classic Physique division two years ago, the standard to wear was the Black Classic Physique Shorts. Over time we’ve heard you, the competitors, with suggestions and have previously followed through by both adding another height division from three to four and increasing the allowable weights for your height in both the NPC and IFBB Professional League.

Probably the suggestion we’ve heard the most though is competitors wanting to compete in more traditional posing trunks that don’t cover the top of the thighs and hamstrings. Well, you wanted “Classic” and now you are going to get “Classic”!

Starting January 1, 2019, ALL Men’s Classic Physique competitors, both IFBB Pro and NPC, will be competing in Classic Physique Posing Trunks!

Competitors are required to wear the same type of cut and all Classic Physique Posing Trunks that are worn in competition must be black and no less than 4-1/2 Inches on the sides/hips. See the photo examples.

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You can purchase your Classic Physique Posing Trunks now at www.npcwear.com.

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