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Cardio Vs Weight Training: Which Is One Is Better And Why?


Everyone wants to be fit and good looking. For this they use different methods of training and exercise to remain healthy. I guess there is one question in everyone’s mind about training is that whether they should do cardiovascular training or weightlifting. The intensity of the workout is different for both the forms and can be quite problematic if not taken care of.  These both exercise also have different ways to burn calories and have different affects on your body. Therefore today we would know that which form of training is more beneficial for your health and why. 

Cardiovascular Exercise Vs Weight Training

They both are very different kind of exercise and can have different effect on your body. Most likely it will depend on your body type and what you wish to achieve. Cardiovascular exercise is a form of aerobic exercise that increases breathing rate and helps to burn calories instantly. This helps to improve your endurance and stamina of the body. Cardio exercises can also be useful depending on which part you need to focus on. Common cardio exercises include cycling, jogging, dancing and running, etc. 

On the other hand weight lifting is an anaerobic exercise that could have boost muscle energy and provide strength to the body. Lifting weights actually helps to boost metabolism and burn calories in the long term. It also burns fats and helps to grow muscle endurance in the body. It is a useful method if you need to sustain healthy weight loss.

Which is More Effective?

Cardiovascular exercises have more prolonged effect on people’s body than weight lifting. This is a true fact that people who do cardio exercises and training can regulate their body weight for longer duration that those who lift weights. This is because cardio exercises effects muscle gain and improves metabolism for a longer duration. It also helps to keep your heart healthy and reduces risk of cardiovascular problems. 

There is a way to measure post exercise performance. This is called as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which helps top measure oxygen pre-and post COVID-19 period. It is really hard to determine but with men, EPOC effect is better for men with metabolic syndrome and can prevent a variety of conditions including obesity and diabetes.

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Lifting weight given higher EPOC than cardio, this means that breakdown of muscles is more significant in that aspect. This also means that your body continues to burn calories even after training of weight lifting for the day. Hence it could be helpful for those who are looking at resistance, endurance and strength to increase in their body. 

For women, resistance training which includes some weightlifting is a healthy way to sustain healthy body and improve metabolism. It could help them to improve their overall health and burn more calories. Hence you need to understand your goal and which type of training suits you in a better way. 

Which is better for Weight Loss?

We understand that most people do exercise to get in shape and lose some weight, hence it is important to know that which among these exercise could be better for losing weight. 

Aerobic exercise including cardio training can differ vastly on type of exercise you are doing. Here are some cardio exercises that are helpful for weight loss-

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All these exercises are part of cardiovascular exercises. If done for 30 minutes in a day, it can help you burn around 210 to 300 calories. This also depends on the weight of the body but it can be very useful. Other methods of cardio training also involve burning 190-230 calories in 30 minutes of time.

Weight training exercise boosts your metabolism at a faster pace but it does not burn as many calories as cardio training exercises. This is because weight training focuses more of muscle building and strength improvement. General weight lifting can burn 90-126 calories whereas if you do vigorous weight lifting then it could burn 180-250 calories. This also depends on weight of the body and type of weight training he is doing. 

Therefore to conclude, if you want to lose more weight then you need to do more of cardio-exercising and training. But if you want to sustain muscle strength and improve metabolism, then you should opt for weight lifting and weight training methods. Both of them are effective and useful in their own way.

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