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Benefits Of Weight Training For Women – Women Fitness Magazine

Benefits Of Weight Training For Women
Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

Benefits Of Weight Training For Women : Women are mostly skeptical about including weight training in their exercise routine. They often think that weight training might lead to muscle development like males. Therefore they mostly rely on cardio exercises like Jogging, Zumba, Aerobics etc for physical fitness.

However weight training is also important for women for complete wellbeing. We are here highlighting some important benefits of including weight training for them.

Strength Gains

Weight training is an important mode of exercise for gaining strength in body. It is equally important for females to gain the strength for improving their sports performance or doing activities of daily living efficiently. Females have very little amount of testosterone hormone compared to their counterpart males which is majorly responsible for muscle gain. So no matter how much they do the weight training they can’t gain that much amount of muscle of which they are scare off.

Post pregnancy postural correction

Post pregnancy females not only face the issue of weight gain but many a times develop chronic back pain also. This is due muscular imbalances created during pregnancy. Their pelvic bone gets tilt in downward direction from the front which is called anterior pelvic tilt. As baby grows within the body their centre of mass also gets shifted in forward direction. This leads to excessive load on lumber muscles and over the period they become weaker which results in back pain. In this condition weight training helps them to restore their correct posture and regain the lost strength at lower back muscles.

Managing hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders like Hypothyroidism and PCOS are found to be very common these days among young women. Under both the conditions insulin resistance is increased which results in weight gain due to increased blood sugar. Weight training plays a very important role in improving these conditions. Regularly participating in weight training increases muscle mass in the body which in turn helps in improving the insulin sensitivity of body.

Weight Management

Weight training plays an important role in weight management. While doing weight loss it ensures that you lose major proportion of the weight from the fat and lesser from muscle. Similarly during weight gain it ensures that you gain weight majorly from the muscle mass. Therefore it is very important when you are either striving for weight gain or weight loss. Most of the women have lack of knowledge and they adopt only the approach of caloric deficit diet for weight loss which over the period results in substantial amount of drop in muscle loss.

Thus weight training has very important place in workout routine for women as well. They must include some form of weight training at least two to three days in a week on non consecutive days. It is not necessary that weight training can be done at gym only. You can do it at home also with your own body weight. If you are not sure which all exercises you should do then you can take the help of an online fitness trainer for getting customised workout plan.

Author :

Manish Yadav is ACE certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He is also the founder of MFG (My Fitness Goal) which provides online fitness training to people worldwide.

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Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

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