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Top Ways Nutrition Aids Weight Training – Nutritional Medicine


When you’re looking to get fit and healthy, there are some key points to consider in helping you achieve maximum results. The two crucial elements to success start with the basics of diet and exercise. Although when you look at this in detail, it doesn’t just mean you can eat what you like if you’re sweating it out at the gym. The saying ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’ is certainly true and it’s this nutrition that will see you through extensive workouts and keep you fitter for longer. There are also certain elements that you should be incorporating into your diet depending on what type of exercise you are doing.

Weight training is becoming a favourite pastime for both men and women alike. With this type of exercise, you’ll need to ramp up certain aspects of your diet to improve your ability to train harder and smarter. Take a look at some of the best ways that getting the right nutrients and fuel for your body helps to improve your fitness levels.

Boost energy before a workout

If your goal is to lose weight, then eating before a workout is not needed, as you don’t require the extra calories that you’re actually trying to lose. If you’re opting for strength training, fuelling up with an energy boost before your workout can help you train harder and for longer. For people that love to get up early and sweat it out, sometimes a pre-workout meal isn’t an option as you may feel it’s too much for the early hours, so swapping this for a snack such as a banana can give you a much-needed supplement without weighing you down.

Protein is your new best friend

There has been a lot of buzz about protein for a strength training diet, and the variety of supplements available to help boost your levels is abundant. By looking at the foods, you can eat instead helps to make the most of nutrient-rich foods that can be enjoyed as everyday meals. Eating extra doses of protein after a workout can help strengthen and restore muscle tissue, which aids resistance and weight training. Top ways to get protein into your diet include eating lean beef, eggs, lentils, beans, chicken, and fish.

Don’t get dehydrated

Water is vital for keeping your energy and fitness at optimum levels. Whether you are pumping iron with dumbbells or using strength bands to improve your muscle resistance, drinking water during your workouts will help to lubricate your muscles and joints. If you become dehydrated during and after your workout, you may not even be aware of this at first but signs to look out for include getting tired very quickly and feeling dizzy. Drinking water rather than energy drinks or fruit infusions will also keep your sugar levels down.

Getting fit is a balance of eating right and exercising well, and understanding how the correct nutrients work for your body will help you make impressive gains in your fitness.

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