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The Ultimate Training and Educational Platform for Bodybuilders! – Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network


The road map to your bodybuilding dreams are just a click away!

These days everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, improve their physique and look like a superhero. It’s become apart of popular culture to get into great shape and transform yourself into the definition of strength and power.

But transforming yourself into your ultimate form is no simple task. In fact, undergoing a drastic physical transformation takes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication.

It also takes a great deal of knowledge and understanding.

There’s nothing more important for a prospective bodybuilder than to educate themselves on how to improve their physique step by step. But while this may be a daunting task, the Generation Iron team has you covered.

Set to become the ultimate training and educational platform online, Generation Iron Plus will provide users with an all inclusive experience to take their gains to a whole new level. Generation Iron Plus will provide detailed video courses designed and narrated by renowned exercise physiologist, Dr. Jacob Wilson. These detailed courses will provide key scientific components of training, physiology, and nutrition to optimize your training and overall gains.

The Generation Iron Plus platform will also allow users to ask questions on specific issues related to their bodybuilding training answered by Dr. Jacob Wilson himself. Along with workout guides, articles, exercises, and quick tips for the bodybuilder living a fast-paced lifestyle, Generation Iron Plus is a one stop shop to help you grow into the epitome of physical superiority!

Generation Iron Plus’ main goal is to bridge the gap between expert scientific information and making that dense information palatable for a wide audience. Too often quality is diminished in an effort to make things as user friendly as possible. This is why too many video help guides, websites, and articles end up being of the “get rich quick” variety. Promising big changes in a short amount of time. But the truth is each individual is different and no single set of video guides or “top 10 tips” articles can ever truly revolutionize every single individual’s fitness journey. This is often why a personal trainer is the only way to move forward – one on one focus can yield fantastic results but not everyone has the time or money to maintain a personal trainer.

That’s why Dr. Jacob Wilson and Generation Iron Plus is the first ever platform to provide a large and dense base of information… but presented in a way that is actually easy to digest for a wide audience no matter what skill level they are. It’s like the online college of bodybuilding and fitness guides. Dr. Jacob Wilson has years of research and experience to back up a wealth of information that can maximize your fitness life – making you reach whatever goal you are seeking in your physique, diet, and health.

Generation Iron Plus will combine convenience with dense knowledge and a user friendly interface for a truly one of a kind service. One that will hopefully transform lives in a wider way than ever before.

Launching on Monday November 4, Generation Iron Plus will provide users with the ultimate bodybuilding experience and help make your bodybuilding dreams a reality!

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