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Linda Leightley Is A 72-Year-Old Who Deadlifts Whopping 273 Lbs! – Fitness Volt Bodybuilding & Fitness News


Linda Leightley Is The Owner Of 12 World Records And A Real Example That It Is Never Late To Start!

Are you sick and tired of not getting results? Do you believe you should give up weightlifting? You think you reached your greatest potential? When you read the story about Linda Leightley, you will immediately stop thinking about retirement!

This woman is a motivation queen. She is known for the sentence “It’s never too late to start”. Linda Leightley is a real example that you can successfully train and compete even at the old age! She started to lift weights when she was 60 years old. Her main goal was to boost some strength and improve shape. Yet, this amazing woman has discovered some hidden talents!

Today, Linda Leightley is a well-known powerlifter. She competes in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Organization at 132-lbs division. She is the owner of unbelievable 12 world records in 65-69 and 70-74 age classes. Have you ever seen an “old lady” who squats 165 lbs and deadlifts 273 lbs?

Her coach Blaine Dublin says she hasn’t always been such a powerful and skilled woman. Actually, he needed some time until he turned her into a superb powerlifter.

“She was a disaster when I got her. The first time we exercised, she almost fell over doing a lunge.”, Blaine Dublin said.

Check out these amazing video to see how powerful this woman is.

Linda Leightley remained dedicated on her road of improvement. After losing 40 lbs during the first year of training, she discovered her passion towards weights. She has also noticed her strength has a potential to set records. And she started breaking record after record!

Linda’s best results were achieved when she was 60+ years old! So before you come up with an excuse which is followed by another excuse, take a look at this magical woman. She is one of the biggest sensations in the fitness industry today!

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