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Life Hit IFBB Pro Sergio Oliva Jr. Pretty Hard But Will He Comeback Big In 2019? – Fitness Volt Bodybuilding & Fitness News


Sergio Oliva Jr. Reveals Personal Life Struggles in Instagram Post.

Unfortunate circumstances happen to all of us and when Sergio Oliva Jr. least expected it, life threw him a big curveball. His wife left him for another man and now Oliva Jr. has found love in the most unexpected way.

It’s quite disheartening to see this situation occur as it did, however, Sergio Oliva Jr. is now with a woman named Sharni and her beautiful baby daughter, Mahalia. Oliva Jr. had quite a lot to say about the situation as he held back nothing.

“Last year we found out our spouses were having an affair and ran off together all while Sharni was 7 months pregnant. After fighting for my wife’s visa & even moving 2 Australia for her, I was devastated & went into a little depression. Eventually deciding I wasn’t going 2 compete In the 2018 season”.

Sharni was 7 months pregnant when her husband left her and Oliva Jr. explained how she always supported him while pregnant and in the hospital. Oliva Jr. was so heartbroken, he nearly missed the 2018 Olympia but he finally pulled through and competed while finishing 16th in the men’s open division.

“if I can do this baby on my own, then u can kick ass for a show and go to the O” 

You can read the entire heartfelt message below where Sergio Oliva Jr. apologizes to his family, friends, and fans for almost throwing his hard work in the trash…

A post shared by Sergio Oliva Jr 🇨🇺🇺🇸 (@sergioolivajr) on

“The fact I let someone almost hurt something me and so many others have worked on for 15 years is pathetic and shameful. This was the worst year of my life and I still made it to top 16 in the world!”

Not a bad result for his Mr. Olympia placing considering all he went through. Sergio Oliva Jr. has committed to taking care of little baby Mahalia and Sharni while really calling out the man who left her.

“I’m gonna make sure your daughter grows up so happy and loved and doesn’t ever have 2think anyone else will walk out on her.”

Sergio Oliva Jr. finished his message with a pretty good sting to Sharni’s ex-spouse. This is what it read…

“Your daughter is the most special little girl & your wife & her family was as loyal & strong as they come & you traded it all for a girl U & your friends make fun of & can’t even afford her own place due to tons of debt from several body augmentation surgeries.”

All the best wishes to Sergio Oliva Jr. in his new relationship and we hope he comes back to the Mr. Olympia competition even better in 2019!

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