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New Rules For CrossFit 2019 Competition

You were probably wondering about the slowly approaching 2019 CrossFit games, and it’s only fair to keep you in the loop.

There have been several announcements regarding the forthcoming schedule, and the CrossFit organization has made some significant changes.

Like the new sanctioned competitions replacing the previous Regional events.

These events will occur around the world and will allow a chance for all competitors to qualify for the 2019 games. A CrossFit competition will give people in different countries an opportunity to compete and come together as a community.

More changes are in place for the games and competition will be fierce as athletes battle for the title of “World’s Fittest Man/Woman”…

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In addition to the newly sanctioned events @CrossFit, Inc. announced details on the competition seeding at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. The 2019 Games will open with elimination events to qualify 10 competitors for the finals later in the week. Overall competitor seeding at the Games will be determined by athletes’ scores in the 2019 worldwide CrossFit Games Open. Athletes who do not participate in the Open (and thus do not receive an Open score) will receive the lowest seeding and will compete in the first qualifying heats at the 2019 Games. Higher-seeded athletes will compete in later heats. – Any athlete who qualifies for the Games as a national champion or with a top-20 placement in the 2019 Open can improve their seeding and possibly qualify for a bye out of the first qualifying elimination round by winning a sanctioned event, regardless of whether that sanctioned event occurs before or after the Open in the 2019 competitive season. – #CrossFit will continue to announce additional sanctioned events in the coming weeks. All changes to the #CrossFitGames season will be published in the official CrossFit Games Rulebook prior to the 2019 Open. #Fitness 📷 @alicia_a_baldwin @jensmith008 @brenditacastro

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What’s Ahead for CrossFit 2019?

Well, the first announced sanctioned event will take place in Dubai U.A.E. in December. The top competitors to qualify online will have the chance to compete amongst the first group of CrossFit athletes.

The qualifying events listed are scheduled to occur throughout multiple cites around the world as follows:

  1. Dubai CrossFit Championship – Dubai U.A.E. – December 2018
  2. Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival – Miami, Florida, U.S. – January 2019
  3. Fittest in Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa – January 2019
  4. CrossFit Strength in Depth – London, England, U.K. – February 2019
  5. Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge – Baltimore, Maryland / D.C. Area, U.S. -April 2019
  6. CrossFit Italian Showdown – Milan, Italy – April 2019
  7. Brazil CrossFit Championship – São Paulo, Brazil -May 2019
  8. CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown – Apeldoorn, Netherlands – May 2019
  9. CrossFit French Throwdown – Paris, France – June 2019
  10. CrossFit Granite Games – Saint Cloud, Minnesota, U.S. – June 2019
  11. SouthFit CrossFit Challenge – Buenos Aires, Argentina – December 2019

Successful competitors (Top male, female and teams) from these events will lock in their spots to compete in the official “CrossFit Games” in August 2019.

These affiliate cities will make up a large total of the competition but with a new elimination process, the number of finalists will be significantly less.

New Changes for CrossFit Competition (Elimination Style Format)

Aside from the sanctioned events (Athletes must qualify through a sanctioned event to receive a finals invite), the changes create a lot more competition possibilities.

A significant change in rules has allowed athletes to choose their teammates regardless of affiliation. (This makes for awesome competition)!

Also, teams/individuals must now win a sanctioned event in order to qualify for a spot. The CrossFit Open will still occur in February and October 2019. The top 20 qualifiers from the Open will get a spot as well.

The changes are interesting and things are looking optimistic for the CrossFit community!

 New Things are Ahead for CrossFit Competition

CrossFit is making several changes and a new style of competition makes for an interesting year looking ahead.

Competitors have more freedom to choose their teammates and international groups get the chance to showcase their talents.  The efforts for the changes were made to bring competition together.

Like mentioned previously… Madison, Wisconsin will still host the games in 2019 and a new champion/s will be crowned…

“Fittest alive”!

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