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Eating 36 Eggs daily is Better than A Steroid Cycle

Yeah, you read that right. This notion of eating a ridiculous amount of eggs for better bodybuilding results comes from a recent-ish video who credits Vince Gironda as the source of this crazy nutrition and the claim that it’s better than steroids.

I was a bit skeptical as to what degree is this an accurate quote. Did the late Vince Gironda really say that? Well, turns out he did…kinda. He stated that when it comes down to nutrition bodybuilders should consume up to 36 fertilized eggs per day and he compared its effect as to taking a cycle of Dianabol.

My knowledge about the famous Vince Giroda before writing this was none existent. I had no clue who the guy was or what he did. However, I do think I can go out on a limb and assume that this was an exaggeration, at least to some degree. I seriously doubt that he was literal when comparing anabolic steroids to eating eggs.

Now for the other part of this story, eating up to three and a half cartons worth of eggs. Eggs are an awesome source of nutrients.

In fact, eggs are such a great nutrient source that there’s even an entire diet that’s based on you eating nothing but eggs. The cholesterol levels in an egg are very high but that cholesterol is what they call “good cholesterol”. However, eggs are high in fat and saturated fat and eating enough eggs to feed a small African village daily can’t be all that good for you.

So what about that claim that it’s basically like taking vitamin S? Well, from what I managed to gather, the point behind Vince Gironda’s statement is that giving your body that much nutrients in that amount will give the same effect as a steroid. Meaning, it will make you recover faster and make you stronger. There’s even a very interesting study result that claims eating a 35 egg per day diet helped burn victims recover faster.

Ok, so it’s starting to look like this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Is it really possible that eating that much of a single kind of food will give you Wolverine healing powers? The internet seems to say that there is something to this crazy diet. The main problem here, of course, is stuffing your face with that much goddamn eggs. The best way to approach this diet is to take it slowly. Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast and snack on some hard boiled ones throughout the day. Then when you see, your stomach can handle more punishment bump up the numbers.

Overall, eating 36 eggs a day is something, only the hardest of the hardcore would do. Meaning it’s really an extreme diet for extreme people. Unless you compete in a bodybuilding related sport, don’t do this. Eggs are a great, cheap source of protein and you should definitely consume11 them on a regular basis, but not that much. Your wallet and your stomach will be thanking you.

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