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5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women
5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women : Weight lifting is a domain mainly considered to be associated with men. Women have for long stayed away from weight lifting following various prejudiced beliefs. However, time has changed, and women are starting to realize the many benefits that strength lifting can have on their health.

Strength training or weight lifting for women is gaining immensely popularity in the present time. It is believed to improve one’s core body strength and overall health for long-term wellness. Most women focus on cardio for weight loss, but weight lifting helps gain muscle strength and improves health. Women are recommended to involve themselves in both cardio and weightlifting.

Weight lifting also has some other benefits, including:

Getting Stronger

One of the most significant and common benefits of this form of workout is that women who lift weight get stronger and gain core muscle strength. You can easily lose weight and also get stronger doing all weight lifting exercises like deadlifts, squats with weights, and rows. Getting stronger is important for both women and men in carrying out their daily chores and also for a healthy body.

Increase in Overall Bone Density

The bone density in women tends to decrease with time and age because of many life-changing events, such as menopause. Decreasing bone density is one of the major problems affecting most women in their 50s in America and the World. Weight lifting prevents the decrease in bone density in women who are more prone to osteoporosis as they age.

Helps in Weight Loss

Many falsely believe that weight lifting leads to gaining weight. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like any other exercise, weight lifting also helps in weight loss and burns calories a lot, and it provides healthy muscle mass growth and helps overall body toning. Women need not fear looking manly as weight training only increases muscle mass and provides a healthy body composition that helps maintain a healthy weight.

A Fat Burner Exercise

If you think only through cardio can you burn fat, you might want to rethink it. Weight lifting for women is also considered a major fat burner exercise, even better than cardio sometimes. Fitness trainers have shown proven results where weight lifting has helped people burn fat more than walking. Moreover, cardio helps lose lean mass, but lifting helps burn fat, lose belly fat, and maintain muscle mass. Moreover, lifting increases energy levels and releases endorphins like any other cardio exercise, but it only takes 30-60 minutes to burn more calories than an hour of cardio.

Lowering Stress Level

For years, lifting has been considered a major stress reliever. Women tend to develop higher stress levels than men, and lifting might help in reducing stress. Research shows women have improved physical and mental health through lifting, which has also helped in curing many mental issues, including headaches and stress. Weight lifting has proven results in transforming physical fitness and improving overall wellness.

Over the years, women who weight lift is known for attaining great body figures and developing confidence. Many cardio exercises focus on losing weight while lifting focuses on improving aesthetic health and gaining healthy weight, speed, fertility, pediatrics, and developing overall strength.

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5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

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