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3 Tips For Buying New Weight Lifting Shoes


As a weightlifter, you can’t go to the gym with just any pair of shoes that you come across on your shoe rack. This is because the shoes you wear affect your performance when lifting heavy weights. The problem is that most people don’t seem to reckon this. Quite often, you will see guys in running shoes trying to push the barbell higher. When you wear the wrong shoes at the gym, you put yourself and the other people around at risk of getting injured.

This is because you can slip and fall due to a lack of firm grip over the floor of the gym. Buying weightlifting shoes is a bit tricky, especially when you are shopping online. Unlike ordinary shoes that you just wear to get the feel before buying, there are certain features that you must consider when buying these type of shoes. Below is a list of tips that can guide you in buying the best shoes for weightlifting.

1. High Heel Always Wins

Shoes that have a high heel are the best for weightlifting. They actually give an edge than those that have a low heel. The heel is actually the one that determines how high you can raise a weight. This is because it absorbs the weight of your entire body. That’s why you see some people trying to raise their heels when a load is too heavy. It’s actually very difficult to lift a load when your heel is resting low on the ground. With a high heel shoe, you are able to generate more force upwards. Besides that, the sole of the shoe should be rugged and made from a rubber material. Rubber is indeed very durable than other materials. At the end of it all, you want to invest in shoes that are made to last for several years. A rugged sole prevents you from slipping when carrying the weight.

2. Leather Exterior

For best results, you should only buy shoes whose top is made from genuine leather. Shoes that are made from leather are more comfortable and can’t be damaged by water. All they need is some polishing and they will be good to go. You should also check if the shoes are padded on the inside. Interior padding helps in absorbing the sweat on our feet. The shoes should also come with a loop system so that you can use laces to fasten them. Moreover, it’s important you settle for shoes that allow your feet to breath. Nowadays most shoes that are designed for weightlifting come with vent flow openings that allow air to circulate in and out of the interior compartment.

3. Weight and Price

You should never train in shoes that feel heavy on your feet. This is because you won’t be able to exert pressure upwards due to the fact that the energy in your feet is used to support the weight of such shoes. Besides that, you will only get what you pay for. Cheap shoes may not guarantee the best weightlifting experience. You must, therefore, be ready to pay a premium price if you don’t want to compromise on quality. After all, a pair of high-quality shoes can last for several years without wearing out. Whatever brand of shoe you choose, just make sure you get good value for your money. You can actually get a nice pair of shoes without having to rob a bank. You just need to be keen when shopping around.

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