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When And Why To Add Running To Weight Training Routine


Weight training and running, right from the beginners to the coaches, the fitness community stands divided on this topic. Some think running might kill or hinder muscular gains while some think too much muscle will slow down runners. The thing is that when it comes to adding running with weight training, there’s no straight up yes or no. The question to ask yourself, while adding running with weights training, must be –”what’s the goal that you want to achieve?”.

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Here are certain scenarios where you can add running to weight training.

1. Preparing for a marathon.

2. Running can also translate well to certain sports like Football, basketball, tennis, rugby, hockey, and cycling. These require the player to have good VO2 max. VO2 max is one of the major factors which determine an athlete`s capacity of performing prolonged exercise or sports.

VO2 max is said to be highly genetic but it also leaves some room for improvements with training. So if you improve running, you will improve your sports performance.

Circumstances In Which Running Becomes Only Optional.

1. Improving Body composition

2. Fat/Weight loss or reducing fat percentage

In the above-mentioned scenarios, your priorities should be weight training and controlling the quality and quantity of food that you consume, period.

You should start seeing results with these two things after certain a time, say few days, weeks or months. And if you are not, you are certainly not being able to implement the above-mentioned things correctly. 

In terms of body composition  or fat loss, running or additional cardio work can take you to another level along with weights (let`s say from 10%body fat to 8%) but mere running should not be the thing you should focus on when you have so much to lose as much as 30% body fat. A study also showed that fat oxidation and calorie burning increased during aerobic exercise /running when done after resistance training. So even in fat loss scenarios, weight training should be the bread and butter of your training.

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If you are severely overweight or skinny fat, stay away from excessive running. This is exactly what misinformed people think- cardio for fat loss.  So running for fat loss is not really required if you belong to the above-mentioned population.

Can I Have A Fit Body Just By Running?

The answer to this is ‘what does a fit body mean to you’? If you mean a slim lad with little to no muscle mass who has arms of a teenage girl and only abs to show off, go ahead. You will achieve that by running alone with no weight training.

In the end, I would also like to say that adding few running sessions (2-3) lasting no longer than let`s say 20 minutes along with weights will only help you improve your heart and lungs’ health, making them stronger. And no, you will not lose muscle doing that as suggested by some idiots on internet forums, IF your weight training and nutrition is on point.

Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .

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