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Weight Training #4: Triceps!!! | The Hungry Runner Girl


Time to get those triceps worked and burning.  You can read about our different weight lifting routines here, here, and here.

One more reason I am sort of kind of a little thankful for the stress fractures was because I realized I really do enjoy strength training.  I am also learning that it is NECESSARY for me to do in order to strengthen my bones and make me a faster runner.

Let’s get started.  This first move targets the tricep and pretty much every other muscle in your body.  The sister is getting ripped!

Start like this….

and then push the ball out while keeping your body straight.  Push back up to the starting position.

Try 3 sets of 12.

This next picture looks like I am in a lot of pain and that is because I am.

This is your basic skull crusher.  Put your hands shoulder width apart and SLOWLY lower the bar to your forehead while bending at the elbow and slowly lift it back up to your starting position.  USE YOUR MUSCLES NOT MOMENTUM!!!

Same thing here…. 3 sets of 12 reps.  Don’t go too heavy with these at first, maybe that is why I am a little off my rocker and used to do 28 milers for fun…hit my head a few too many times with the bar.

Here is “I don’t remember what the name is and don’t have internet to look it up.” We stick to about 50 lbs for this one and it burns.  Bad.

Use those mirrors to make sure you have good form!

I am that person at the gym that grunts and makes really awkward faces as they are lifting their 5 lb dumbbells.  Seriously, this move BURNS.  I do it at the end of my lifting session and it works the back of the shoulder and tricep so so good.

I know that it looks super easy because it is just a ball but it feels like it is 10 trillion lbs and it WILL fatigue your arms FAST.  Simply lift and lower the ball behind you and you can try different angles of bending at the hips to target different muscles.

Where do you get different workout ideas from?

-Blogs, pump and magazines. I want the woman’s health lifting book that I have seen all over different blogs….have you used it?  Is it good? Any other good book recommendations for lifting?

What is your FAVORITE muscle group to work? Any moves to add to our triceps workout?

-I LOVE working my shoulders

What are your FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS!!!

-Sleep over party so that a bunch of us can get up early to cheer on the UV half and full marathon….and RUN 3 miles of it (it is going to be bittersweet because I ran the whole thing last year!)

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