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Sage Northcutt vs Logan Paul

Trash Talk Championship: UFC’s Sage Northcutt calls out YouTube’s Logan Paul!

In the wake of the massive event in which YouTube star Logan Paul squared up in a boxing match last week, with his rival YouTuber KSI. The six-round amateur boxing match ending as a majority draw. The event was incredibly successful selling out Manchester Arena and reportedly earning more than 1 million PPV buys at $10 a pop, generated $8 million in revenue.

Afterward, there has been some buzz about Paul — potentially competing in the UFC. The self-described “Goofy dude with BIG goals” YouTuber Logan Paul (0-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) now interested in competing in the UFC, and apparently he’s got an interested opponent in Sage Northcutt (11-2 MMA, 6-2 UFC).

“I want to fight a UFC fighter. I want to get in the octagon, Yeah, bro, I wrestled my whole life. For real for real. Bro, there’s no reason I can’t. I literally did athletics my whole life.

“Dana White, you watching this, bro? Pick a fighter for me, dude. Late next year.”

Paul suggested a trip to the octagon could be in his future:

the thought of securing a fight in the @UFC is exciting… could finally use my wrestling background… but i hear some other celebrities/athletes want to catch these hands first? 😂

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) August 29, 2018

technically im undefeated 😏

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) August 30, 2018

Northcutt responded to the call, leading to a brief exchange between the two.

Let me know when you wanna catch these hands 👊🏼

— Sage Northcutt (@sagenorthcutt) August 31, 2018

Logan Paul responded not long afterward:


— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) August 31, 2018

The final two tweets of conversation came from Northcutt:


— Sage Northcutt (@sagenorthcutt) August 31, 2018

@LoganPaul when he sees me on the other side of the ring lol pic.twitter.com/KY3eL5ibfc

— Sage Northcutt (@sagenorthcutt) August 31, 2018

Few of Northcutt’s peers had a slightly different response to Paul’s suggestion.

Every day is hard as fuck, every day is a little more harder on your physical & mental state. Then ye get a cunt coming along like this youtuber fella thinking he can mix it in the @ufc fuck off will ye mate and don’t embarrass our sport.

— Darren Till (@darrentill2) August 30, 2018

@sagenorthcutt is a punk bitch for calling out @LoganPaul any fighter in the @ufc calling or lobbying for that fight is a fucking bum

— Luis Antonio Pena (@violentbobross) August 31, 2018

Bro earn your shit. Don’t use your name to downgrade our sport. Fighters have worked all their lives to get where we are. Do the same. https://t.co/VDBaW3VXHS

— Chase Sherman (@ChaseShermanUFC) August 31, 2018

Our investor friends over Middle Easy suggested:

“This all points to the larger idea that the UFC clearly put Sage up to this call out right?

After seeing how many buys Paul generated from fighting KSI, the world’s biggest MMA promo would trip over themselves trying to sign him for a fight.”

There you have it the beginning of Sage Northcutt vs. Logan Paul in 2019, just remember where you were when you first heard about it.

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