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Trainer Olivia loves weight training and seeing her clients exceed their goals


Becoming a fitness professional

Trainer Olivia fell in love with weight training in 2014 and decided to become a fitness professional. Olivia noticed the benefits weight training had for her mental and physical wellbeing and wanted to share her experiences with everyone. She loves helping people achieve their goals and making them feel empowered. Olivia thinks the best part of being a Personal Trainer is seeing her clients enjoy being challenged with different exercises and seeing them achieve and going beyond their goals. Currently expecting her first child to arrive in a few months, she is still training clients and very much enjoying it! She loves having a positive contribution to her client’s lives.

Passion for fitness

Olivia grew up on the beautiful Gold Coast and currently works at our 100% private Personal Training studio, as well as training mobile clients all over the city. Olivia’s passion for sports started in her early childhood when she started dance lessons, and has continued all these years as she is still regularly taking part in dancing. A couple of years ago Olivia wanted to take her passion for health and fitness even further and became a nutritional medicine practitioner, she is also currently studying to become a naturopath sometime in the future.

Training style

Olivia’s favourite training style includes functional training exercises, weight training and cardio. She likes to focus on changing the metabolism with weights being the core of training and adding some cardio elements to keep the heart rate up throughout the training session. Olivia plans on keeping training her clients all the way up until her baby arrives. Out of all the jobs, she’s had over the years, being a Personal Trainer is definitely the most rewarding one.

1.What is your biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer?

Clients seeing the results of their hard work and loving what exercise can do for them physically and mentally.

2.What is your most memorable training session?

Seeing a client lift a heavy weight and beat their PB with proper form.

3.What is your favourite exercise as a trainer?

Squats, lunges and deadlifts.

4.What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?

Dancing, swimming and weight training.

5.What is your favourite quote?

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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