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Super Slow Weight Training | The Marsh


Wednesday, May 13 at 12 PST
MarshStream Studio


Super Slow Weight Training with
Amanda Lopez and Abraham Williams
from EverStrong SF

Their physical location may be closed, but their top-notch trainers are open for virtual training. ​Their expertise and method remain the same.

Everstrong SF does evidence-based, efficient, and slow-motion exercise and gets results because they measure everything. 

This is a great time to stay strong. Combine with this with an amazing nutrition programming and come out of COVID-19 ready for action.

Abe Williams, Co-founder

​I live from spirit, love, and beauty. My goal is to have the best possible life filled with all of it: the failures, the wins, the plateaus, the pains and joys, difficulty and ease. My health is paramount to me and I’m working towards “compressed morbidity”. That’s the longest possible aliveness with energy and mobility and the shortest death. This is opposed to what happens now: I see people with progressively reduced mobility as they age and long illnesses ending in death. I’m 43 and want to be continually stronger until I reach my late ages. When I do plateau or decline, I’ll be stronger than I am now. That’s my plan. Some people say it won’t work or doesn’t work like that. Fuck that. I am helping people in their 70’s get stronger right now.

​I’m married to a wonderful woman and we made amazing twin 16-year-old girls who attend the San Francisco Waldorf High School. There are also 2 adopted Chihuahua mixes who are hilarious.

Amanda Weaver, Operations Manager, Instructor

Amanda comes to us with a strong passion for using her knowledge of the human body, psychology, and pharmacology to help our clients achieve their strength and health-related goals through High-Intensity Training.

Amanda’s understanding of healthcare data and analytics allows her to apply her discerning eye to our clients’ training data and to execute personalized adjustments to training protocols, which allows for sustained, positive progress in strength. She has an intimate understanding of the challenges of overcoming physical limitations, since having sustained multiple traumatic, life-altering injuries in a cycling accident. Being temporarily robbed of her strength, Amanda had to re-learn how to train without aggravating the previously sustained injuries or causing new ones.

This personal understanding is a cornerstone of her approach to training. With compassion, consideration, and strong problem-solving skills, Amanda makes it her mission to help others safely overcome their physical challenges through increasing their strength and mobility so that they can live their best (and strongest!) life.

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