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Ronnie Coleman Hits The Gym After Recent Surgery

The legend is back at it again and even has a new T-shirt collection… ‘Yeah Baby Lightweight’ !!

What’s not to love about Ronnie Coleman… eight Mr. Olympia titles, an amazing work ethic and a “never give up” mentality. Unfortunately, after multiple back surgeries, Coleman struggled to get back into the groove of things.

His recent back problems which almost put him out for good, are the result of a complicated explanation (Unknown to us for the most part). From possible failed surgeries to him working out too soon… who really knows what happened but it could be a combination of both for all we know.

Anyhow, Coleman can only look ahead to the future from this point on…

But as of recently, Ronnie Coleman has made his way back into the gym (Only doing cardio) while starting a T-shirt collection for his fans. Ronnie talks about his new “Icon Collection” in this Instagram video…

“As I told you all yesterday, only doing cardio, I am not working out until the Doctor releases me”.

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“Still pushing this new T-shirt collection. We’re calling it the Icon collection. As I said you can get these bad boys at ronniecoleman.net. Like I said they can make great Christmas presents”.

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Good for Ronnie Coleman for expanding his horizons with new business ventures. He’s an amazing champion and deserves all the success in the world! Hopefully, he can make a proper recover this time around.

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