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Nick Scott: The Unique & Dangerous Health Problems Caused By Wheelchair Weight Training


Nick Scott discusses the unique health issues that pro wheelchair bodybuilders need to keep in mind when weight training.

Nick Scott has previously discussed with us the specifics of how pro wheelchair bodybuilders train vs other divisions. While there are some workarounds towards training – it’s largely the same as anyone else. That being said, there are actually some health issues unique to wheelchair bodybuilders that need to be constantly taken into consideration. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Nick Scott details the unique health problems that can arise while training as a wheelchair bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding on a pro level can be considered an extreme sport. Just like many other pro sports that push the body to its limits. So when considering a pro wheelchair bodybuilder – are there additional issues that must be taken into account? What kind of toll does bodybuilding take on a wheelchair athlete?

We turned to Pro Wheelchair bodybuilder Nick Scott to provide some insight into the unique challenges and potential health issues that arise when training. Specifically, he mentions how paralyzed individuals can develop skin soars due to the lack of movement and support in their lower body.

This concept might be understood by the general public to a certain degree. Those who have delt with long hospital stays unable to move have probably heard of the term bed sores. Nick Scott explains that that same issue can be accelerated when training as a wheelchair bodybuilder.

Due to the sedentary lack of movement when paralyzed from the waist down, support is less available while virtually sitting all day. Apply additional pressure in the form of heavy weightlifting can exasperate that lack of support. This causes skin ulcers in the form of skin sores. If the sores continue to spread they can reach the bone. This can cause serious health issues and even death.

Nick Scott recalls during his prime as a pro wheelchair bodybuilder that his doctor worried about this very issue. Nick was developing skin sores that if not addressed, could have caused serious health dangers down the road.

This is one major example of the kind of health issues pro wheelchair bodybuilders have to keep in mind on top of the usual risks that bodybuilding presents. It also provides fascinating insight into the invisible problems that many might not know about in the world of disabled individuals.

Nick Scott points out, though, that the core mindset behind bodybuilding is overcoming obstacles. That’s what makes the sport of pro wheelchair bodybuilding such a passion of his. He believes it can inspire those in wheelchairs to find motivation in overcoming the challenges of being disabled. It provides a framework to push back against the luck life has given them.

You can watch Nick Scott explain it all in detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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