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Most Trusted Bodybuilding Tips


A physique like a champion bodybuilder doesn’t come easy. If you are to participate in a bodybuilding competition, you need to keep in mind a few things to do it successfully. How to work out for the desired body frame, how to keep yourself focused and how to plan for it are some of the things you must know. The following will help you gain the muscles for the desired body.

When and how to train

Work out becomes easy if you have a training schedule for each week. Besides long-term goals, you need to set short term goals too (say for a month or even for a week). This break-up will keep you motivated for what you want to achieve. One way to do it is training for two to three days per week. In this case, decide the time of the day that you will be training. Be consistent.

Workout breakup

Divide your workout session into various segments. You may do full-body workouts or split up the days to work out upper body and lower body separately. As there are various exercises for every body part, make sure that you choose the exercises that work best for you. 

What to eat

Diet and nutrition make up for mass muscle gain, keeping the body weight up and body fat to the minimum. Make sure that you are eating enough calories to not only support your metabolism (more than 2,500 kcal for a male adult). It is recommended to stick with the complex carbohydrates diet, fruits/vegetables, and lean meats while keeping sugar, sodium, and saturated fat intake low. 

Workout log

Seeing progressive changes makes it easy to work harder and achieve workout goal. A workout log keeps the record of the muscle-building progress. You can update it every week, or after every 10 days. 

Medical clearance

Before beginning with the bodybuilding workout, obtain a medical clearance from a doctor. Discuss your workout goals with him and make sure you don’t have any medical condition that may interfere with your physical activities and diet. Besides, learn about the potential concerns to stay out of trouble. 

Be sincere and committed

Muscle gain is not a matter of one or two months, it is a combined effort of strength, stamina, hard work and above all, a tough resolve.  Don’t keep high expectations and look at the log and your progress for motivation.

Bodybuilding requires strong determination. You must take professional help from a trainer before taking the road to bodybuilding.

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