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Let’s all take a moment from our busy day to read the motivational story of John Allaire.

John had a pretty sucky childhood. His mom and dad were going through a divorce and his mom bought his affection with trips to the supermarket often filled with snacks and treats and junk food. His bad eating habits continued well into his later teens and only gotten worse when his father died of cancer. By the time he turned twenty he tried to get some help and went to see a doctor. John was so obese that a normal sized scale could not weigh him! He was forced to go a local fish market and weigh himself there. The embarrassing and humiliating experience did little in terms of fixing his confidence or doing anything in regards to him losing weight.

He started skipping classes in college, eating junk fund on the regular basis and slowly reaching rock bottom. Despite all this happening in his life he still had the full support and the undying love of his “high school sweetheart” turned wife, Calia.

Before starting his journey of weight loss, health improvement and the general pursuit of happiness, John was wearing a 7XL sized clothes! It is at that time John realized if he doesn’t change something things will only get worse. Soon enough he joined a local gym with a weight loss fitness program and started doing the dirty work. The program promised he will lose 20 lbs in six weeks, John read that and thought to himself “challenge fucking accepted!” and lost that in three weeks. After another three weeks, he doubled that and in 15 months time lost, a mind-blowing 300lbs! An offseason, 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath weights 275lbs…let that sink in.

However, the battle with weight loss was not yet over. He was left with an access of loose skin, nearly 20 lbs of it. He started a gofundme page to help him raise money for the necessary surgery. With the help of some positive thinking and a solid cash flow from the good people of the internet-he got the surgery! He’s now living a healthy and happy lifestyle and will get jacked and shredded in no time.

Losing weight tends to be a big problem for an increasingly rising number of individuals. Be it bad eating habits, bad genetics or just good ol’ fashioned laziness combined with everything else-obesity is a thing. However what’s even more “a thing” is excuses. Everyone’s got some convenient, and perfectly logical, reasoning as to why they can’t lose weight.  “Yeah, I guess I could lose weight but I don’t have the genetic privilege those youtube fitness models do”  “I could lose weight but I just can’t afford a nice gym membership and a personal trainer”  or my personal favorite  “being that skinny is unhealthy, where are all your organs??? You have to have fat in order to stay healthy! You’re just fat shaming everyone else!

No… just no. Stop it with the excuses, stop with the delusions, just stop.

it’s not gonna get you anywhere and you’re not gonna be any healthier by bullshitting yourself out of exercising for the fourth month in a row. In the end, it all comes down to two simple questions: Are you happy with the way your body looks? If not, are you willing to do something about it?

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