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Dating A Fit Chick-What To Expect – Fitness Volt Bodybuilding & Fitness News


Dating a Fit Chick

Being fit and dating a fellow swoll-mate can be a pretty cool thing. You have a super sexy spotter/gym buddy with a nice ass who is also your dream girl. It’s like one of those “all-in-one” supplements that you see in stores. However, it can also have its downsides. Constant gym selfies and Instagram ass photos to up her social media game and get a bang energy sponsorship deal.  So, let us all take a moment and make a deep dive into the pros and cons of dating a girl that has a squat ass.

The Good:

1.Spend Less Money On Supps

You both use the same supplements (of various legality) so you buy in bulk and split the bill 50/50. You can even rack up award points faster this way and get some sweet free merch from it.

2. No Junk Food

This is merely theoretical, but assuming you are dating a hardcore gym rat with boobs and a pretty face, carbs will most likely be a “no-no”. That way you stay on your diet, eat your proteins and do douchey fit couple pictures for her Instagram all the while looking ripped.

3. Da Booty

This is probably the best part of dating a fit chick. You get unlimited access to dem cheeks. You can grab it, sleep on it, stare at it, take pictures of it and if she is super nice, you might even get to rail her booty. However, for that, you will probably have to have some noteworthy numbers on your big lifts. So start working on your skwating skills if you want to practice you boning skills.

4.  Always Available Spotter

No matter what exercise you do, no matter what weight you work with- the fit chick spotter is here for you. No need to look around the gym for a semi-competent person that won’t upright row the weight when you ask him to spot you. The fit chick understands the ethics of spotting and won’t be asleep on the job.


She likes buff dudes and only buff dudes. Your gym game better top notch because if she starts seeing your comic book superhero body turning into a casual dad bod, she will go away with the Rich Piana-lookalike she told you not to worry about. So naturally, because of this, you will always think you have to be bigger better and stronger.  You already have muscle dysmorphia issues and she’s giving you super-muscle dysmorphia issues.

2. Can Outsqat You

If she’s a real fit chick, sooner or later she will start warming up with your working sets. Girls these days squat 3 plates for 10 reps while wearing skin-tight leggings and still manage not to look manly or huge and stuff like that hits your ego hard. So if you are thinking about dating a fit girl and casually skip leg days, think twice.

3. No Junk Food

Let’s be real, dieting really sucks. Healthy food tends to taste like crap and you have to force feed yourselves to maintain the mass. Living with a fellow swollmate who eats only healthy foods can be a serious pain in the ass. All lift and no carbs make Jack a hangry boy.

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