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Danny Hester Full Interview | Chris Bumstead Vs Breon Ansley, Training Celebs, & Posing In Bodybuilding



Danny Hester is a firm believe of being a bodybuilder always in shape, you can tell from the first second of the interview. He remains trim and cut throughout the year similar to athletes like Dexter Jackson. Why? Because as much as he loves bodybuilding he’s also a believer in bodybuilding the healthy way. A big part of that is consistency and lighter weight over a longer period of time. Perhaps this will make you grow slower – but the long term rewards are exponential.

That doesn’t mean that Danny Hester is a conservative athlete when it comes to the grey areas of the sport. Hester doesn’t agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest call for drug testing in pro bodybuilding. He mostly disagrees with how helpful it would be. He think steroid use in some capacity is always going to happen in the sport. Regulating use would just lead to people who play by the rules and cheaters who don’t get caught. It’s a disadvantage for less “devious” people.

That’s just one of the topics discussed in our hour plus long interview with Danny Hester. We dive deep into the Classic Physique division as well. Hester goes over his concerns about the future look of the physiques and also shares his thoughts on the current crop of competitors. Specifically Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead – who have become de facto rivals after Bumstead overtook Ansley in the Classic Physique Olympia last year.

Danny Hester analyzes both athletes and shares his thoughts on who he thinks really should win the Classic Physique Olympia… and what this year might hold for these two titan athletes.

You can watch the full interview including these topics and many more by watching our GI Exclusive above.

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