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Kelly Ryan’s Story Of Love, Crime And Murder

The fitness industry isn’t all Instagram filters and ass shots. Sometimes you just gotta remember we are all humans, flawed humans who make bad decision and mistakes. The best example of this is the case of miss Kelly Ryan. During mid 90’s she was an up and coming fitness model with a very bright future. She was supposed to be the reigning queen in her competing division, but life had other plans for her.

Sometime in the late 90’s  Miss Ryan met a fellow fitness fanatic, a bodybuilder, named Craig Titus who she would marry in 2003. Then in 2005, a third party got involved into this fit couple’s life. A woman who had a sexual relationship with Titus, a woman named Mellisa James. James a personal assistant who lived with the couple and eventually entered a sexual relationship with Titus. Which likely caused the poor woman to be killed.

Check out the full documentary about the crime scene below:

The couple disposed of the body in Ryan’s Jaguar and dosed with gasoline and set it on fire. As you can already imagine a flaming car in the middle of the night is quite the opposite of subtle and it quickly got the attention of local neighbors who, of course, called the cops. The police followed by a team of firefighters followed quickly and got to the car fairly quickly. After extinguishing the fire they opened the trunk of the car and found the dead body. It didn’t take much detective work to piece together the events of the crime and put out a manhunt for the suspects.

When the couple was found and arrested they initially plead not guilty. However, that quickly changed and both pleaded guilty to various larceny and murder-related charges. Long story short, after getting denied parole, she was released on parole after serving a 9-year long sentence and as of recently is totally free. The now-former husband is still behind bars as he is being charged with second-degree murder.

The story is like something straight out of a 90’s Richard Gere movie. Love, lust, crime, murder, cover-up, trial and it even has a happy(ish) ending. So…what’s next for Kelly Ryan now that she is, in the eyes of the justice system, a free woman? No one really knows. Here whereabouts are unknown, she hasn’t talked to any media outlets and hasn’t made any public statements on her own. Media these days loves a good comeback story and people have a very short memory span. Making a comeback in the fitness industry in any shape or form shouldn’t necessarily be out of the question, stranger things have happened.


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