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Best Weight Training Equipment for Lifting at Home to Build Muscle


Last Updated on the June 30, 2020

In a gym, there is usually a lot of types of weight training equipment and various machines. However, most of them are unused. You do not have to have all those things at home to have complete strength training.

I did not have so much money when I started to build my free weight home gym, so I only focused on the things that are essential. What are these? Read on!

Primary Home Weight Training Equipment

1. Dumbbells – The most versatile strength training exercise equipment

dumbbells for home
DB are the most versatile and compact tools

I believe dumbbells are the most useful workout equipment for home. With the help of them we can strengthen all the body parts. We can perform compound exercises as well as ones for isolation.

Personally, I like working out with dumbbells because they provide a full range of motion, and the movements are natural. Besides, dumbbell exercises train secondary muscles since it is harder to keep the balance and the proper move.

You can buy usual ones and adjustable dumbbells.

I do not like single dumbbells since they need a lot of space, and the dumbbell rack is an extra cost. However, you can buy a single one for some bucks, and then buy more once you have more money to spend.

There are two types of adjustable dumbbells.

One type is when you have to take off or put on the various weight plates. I have this version, and it works fine since I have many bumper plates in different sizes that are compatible. You can buy a complete set at affordable price.

And there are unique adjustable dumbbells that come with a tray. With a click, you just choose the amount of load you want to use. There is no question that this sort of dumbbell is the best considering that it is an all in one solution, takes no place, and allows to alter the resistance quickly. However, these products are a bit more expensive.

Here are the best selling dumbbell sets right now on Amazon.

2. Barbell with Weights to Boost Your Strength

barbells for home
Bars are the best for compound exercises

Barbell is another vital home strength training equipment that is required for the most beneficial compound exercises such as the deadlift, bench press, and squat. A quality barbell is maybe the most important weight lifting equipment since it allows to handle huge amount of load. The best is if you get Olympic barbells since those are the highest quality ones and those are standard equipment for weight lifting at home.

If you have plates before buying a barbell always check if it is compatible with them.

3. Weight Bench – For even more exercises

weight bench for home
Adjustable benches for various presses

Finally, you will need a massive weight bench with an adjustable board. There are simple products and ones that provide extra functions such as leg extension, and they are only a bit more expensive.

No matter which you choose, it is crucial to buy a sturdy and stable one since you may lift heavy weights on it. Always read specifications and the user reviews before buying one. I know, there are cheap workout benches, but as it is said “You get what you pay for”. If it wobbles, you will not be able to do the exercises comfortably and safely.

Here are the most popular weight benches on Amazon right now. Here are the most popular weight benches on Amazon right now.

4. Power Rack – For safe and versatile workouts

best weight training equipment
Safe workouts (without spotter)

A rack useful for doing squats and deadlift, but it is helpful for doing other types of exercises as well.

If you can afford I recommend having one since they are very versatile. However, keep in mind that it needs quite a lot of space and they are not cheap.

Here is why a power rack is the best home gym equipment for weight training.

I think these are the most valuable weight training equipment that you need for home workouts. If you have these you can strengthen all the major muscle groups at your weight lifting home gym.

Additional Weight Lifting Equipment for Home

Here is some more home gym workout equipment that are very beneficial but not necessary.

1. Kettlebell for power and cardio

kettlebell exercise equipment
Versatile tool for strength and cardio

Kettlebell training is not just a fad, but it is a real killer. There are various workouts to build and strengthen muscles, burn fat and build endurance. They are cheap strength training equipment, and there are adjustable kettlebells available that let you change the amount quick and easy. The kettlebell a very versatile and cheap weight lifting equipment.

2. Power Tower (Pull up & Dip Stations) for bodyweight workouts

power tower for body weight workouts
Total upper body training with bodyweight exercises

There is no question that a power tower station is the most beneficial fitness equipment for doing bodyweight workouts. It is an enormous mistake if you neglect these types exercises from your workout routine. They help to improve your strength drastically and burn more body fat.

With the a help of a power tower, you can strengthen your entire upper body and core muscles. A pull up dip station is especially valuable equipment for back, triceps, and chest workouts.

Here is how many ways to use a power tower.

3. Home Gym – If you prefer machines to free weights

home gym
Weight lifting machines with stack or free weight system.

I believe free weights are the best for muscle and strength building. Although, it is always good to add some variety to the routine. Weight training machines are better for muscle isolation, for beginners and for those who just want to have strength training without lifting heavy.

If you have enough money, buying one is certainly not a bad idea. These weight machines provide numerous functions that help muscle and strength development. They are especially useful for women.

Building your gym seems to be a pricey thing, but from my experience I have to say it is worth the money. It lets you have workouts whenever you want from the comfort of your home. There is no need to wait for the various types of weight lifting machines, and you can even save money considering that gym memberships are pretty high these days.

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