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Akshay Kumar Fitness Tips: Here Are 4 Teenage Bodybuilding Mistakes To Avoid | Exercise & Fitness


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is 52 years old, but he still looks half his age. Do you know that Akshay is a regular health regimen? Yes, and he is considered the most disciplined actor in Bollywood. A lot of young people get inspired by Akshay Kumar, who is a black belt in martial arts too. From waking up early in the morning to exercising, workouts, passion for work, and leading a very simple life, Akshay Kumar is an actor whose lifestyle people want to copy. Let us tell you, (according to Akshay Kumar), what fitness-related mistakes should young boys and girls avoid and what things should be adopted.

Protein powder and bodybuilding medicines

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Many Bollywood celebs use protein powders, protein shakes and sometimes bodybuilding drugs along with exercise to enhance muscles and get better physical fitness. But Akshay Kumar is completely against these supplements. Akshay believes that to make a body, only home-made food should be eaten. Akshay says, “A culture has come up among the youth these days to take protein shakes and supplements. I am totally against this thing and cannot understand why people do it. By doing this they would become a bi-product of themselves.” People have forgotten ghee, milk, curd, lassi nowadays and have stopped eating homemade food.”

Celebs on social media

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Akshay Kumar says that youngsters often get impressed by seeing photos of celebs on social media. Many celebs often share diet and fitness tips on social media. According to Akshay, you should not fall under the influence of any celebrity and avoid copying their workouts or diet without knowing anything. This can be dangerous for you.

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Copying celebs can be dangerous

According to Akshay, not just only by copying these celebs but also by adopting a good lifestyle, you can make a good body. Akshay says, “A lot of people get emotionally attached to these stars and start using their products. Many players also use such products. People feel that this is the right way. But I Don’t think. You should choose things according to your nature, not according to anyone.”

Give 1 hour to yourself

Akshay Kumar says that if you want to create good health, then find the right workout and diet for yourself or seek the help of professionals. You will not find workout motivation on social media. If you copy a star, you will not get any benefit from it. On the occasion of Fit India, Akshay Kumar released a video and made people aware that “a man who cannot give at least 1 hour to his body out of 24 hours, should die.” “Do any exercise in the hour, whether you go to the gym, do running, cycling, do yoga, cross-fit. Do the easiest walk if you cannot do anything. Do something. If you do nothing, you will die.”

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