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5 X 5 Training + Bodyweight Bodybuilding Tips • Zach Even-Esh


Yesterday on my IG I shared the above cover and tips on how to use 5 X 5 along with Bodyweight Bodybuilding.

Then yesterday afternoon I came across the news that Franco had passed away. It was heartbreaking for me.

It hit home for me as Franco and Arnold were heroes to me as a kid. Seeing your hero passing away is crushing. You begin to realize that YOUR time on this earth is also limited.

As a kid, I devoured Arnold’s Encyclopedia and his Education of a Bodybuilder.

Doing so made me feel like I was LIVING & TRAINING with Arnold and Franco, I read those books hundreds upon hundreds of times.

This is a stark reminder; Life is going TOO fast.

We better enjoy this ride and make the most of it!

Here’s just some short memories of  Franco I wanted to share…..

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Seeing Franco moving such immense poundages inspired the heck out of me. It inspired me 30 years ago and it STILL inspires me today!

Here’s some photos of Franco to inspire you!

Franco & Arnold would incorporate heavy barbell lifts / powerlifting and they also do high volume dips and chins / pull ups. In fact, I recall Arnold saying how him & Franco challenged one another to do chin ups until they could no longer hold onto the chinning bar!

Who will give up first!!??

Yesterday I did Trap Bar Deads, working up to a heavy 5 and then a heavy 3. 2 heavy sets and then it was time to move on.

Afterwards the heavy trap bar deads, it was Bodyweight Bodybuilding circuits.

Dips, Push Ups, Mixed Grip Pull Ups, All Types of Lunges, Pistol Squats and ab work. This circuit took me 10 minutes.

Just go, go, GO!

Arnold & Franco always did supersets. Barbell supersets and bodyweight supersets.

It delivered an amazing pump, challenged the body & muscles to a deeper level and of course, saved time.

Arnold & Franco trained high volume so to get all the work done, they HAD to do supersets!

My current program looks like this:

– Start with a heavy barbell lift AFTER a thorough warm up

– Perform a circuit of Calisthenics for approx. 10 minutes

– Finish with Sleds & Carries. In addition, I might also add supplemental work for direct arm training and grip work.

No need to complicate things. Complexity does NOT equal greater results.

Get after it and find a way to do the work while others find excuses.

Live The Code 365,

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