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1967 Mental Toughness Tips from Golden Era Bodybuilding


It’s amazing that even in a 1967 Golden Era Bodybuilding Magazine (Muscle Builder) that people were talking about “This generation has gotten soft”.

This article was called Mom-ism May be the Reason Why You are NOT a Champion.

As a parent myself, it is a reminder that the easy life and giving your kids everything you didn’t have is NOT helping our kids. In fact, it only hurts them.

This is also why I HATE when people send me gifts. Call me crazy but I want to EARN it. I want to BUY it. I want skin in the game. I feel horrible saying “No” to people who offer me free shirts, free books, etc and I don’t mean to offend them but I have learned through EXPERIENCE, any time I give things away for free, those things are NOT respected or valued.

Take my website for example. I have written THOUSANDS of articles, I have almost 4,000 YouTube Videos. They are all free, hence why people do not value information anymore. Because it’s ALL free.

Free of money that is. NOT free of time you must invest to read and learn, effort you must invest to THINK about what you’ve just read or watched.

Watch this Video.

Perhaps YOU have “Mom-ism”, even if you no longer live with your Mom.

I thoroughly enjoyed this article.

I wonder how it impacted others back then. As I thumbed through the magazine, you saw that I came across 1 of the original Westside Barbell articles by Bill Peanuts West. Louie Simmons spoke about how those articles in the mid and late 60s inspired him to train in powerlifting as he was stationed in Germany.

I hate to be that guy but “back in the day” we valued information because we had to wait a full month to read just a few articles. Now, we have thousands of articles published every day. Yet this very magazine and these articles are what inspired Louie Simmons to create Westside Barbell and become 1 of the most influential people in the world of Strength & Conditioning.

Here’s to being TOUGH for Life.

If you’re a Coach like I am, remember, you are NOT just training weights, you are training people. You are training them to transform inside and out.

This is a HUGE part of The USC Certification.

Training is always mind AND body, not just the physical.

Live The Code 365,


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